A month after the release of The Emerald Storm is already a success

The Sapphire Eruption it triumphed among the young public, even rumoring that certain streaming platforms could end up reaching an agreement to obtain the license and premiere a television work in the form of a series. With no news in this regard, fans have received a recent joy in the form of a sequel. This is The Emerald Storm.

It defines itself as an action-adventure youth fantasy. Following the example of the saga in general, it avoids the difficulties of the dungeons and dragons genre, thus democratizing a theme that until now was somewhat complex.

Several aspects attract the attention of the young public, beyond the simple, entertaining and very addictive narrative, which makes it impossible to read just a few pages a day. One of the most important factors is related to the characters. All of them are charismatic, demonstrating it to perfection both Vienne and Noakhail, who must participate in a confrontation between the two.

Continuing with what refers to the protagonists, it is remarkable not only the clothing they wear and that is perfectly described by the author, IM Redwright. So do swords that have elemental powers, a detail reminiscent of the demon slayer manga.

A synopsis that leaves you wanting more

If you read the first novel of the saga, it is likely that after doing the same with the synopsis of this second part you will not be able to avoid acquiring it. Both Noakh and those who are part of his group tried to reach the Earth Kingdom but they ran into a being they did not expect. After a confrontation, Fireo wants to find those friends who, because of this conflict, ended up separating.

Unfortunately, said character is completely unaware that Tir Torrent is an area that entails greater danger than in the past. Thus, if he does not act quickly, it is unlikely that he will find companions like Rivet and Hilzen alive.

The princess known under the name of Vienne also has her weight in the story of this novel that was released just a month ago. His main task is to find a boy who is capable of ending those known as Knights of the Water. After finding him, you must liquidate him. His sword with the elemental power of water and that is so reminiscent of Demon Slayer must be used to achieve this goal..

High sales figure and very good reviews

One only has to take a look at the sales figures to realize that, despite only having been out for a month, the long-awaited sequel to The Sapphire Eruption is being a success.

In specialized portals it is a trend especially among the young public, although both children and adults also have a great time reading the sequel and the first part. Speaking of the second, reviews are really good on major e-commerce sites.

Most readers agree that the emerald storm that it is a success to introduce such a strong emotional component in a genre that is not used to it, such as fantasy and adventure. This is why many of them end up feeling affection for characters like Vienne and Noakh.

Numerous readers additionally indicate that this sequel is even better than the first novel. In any case, it should be noted that La Tormenta Esmeralda is available in three different formats: eBook, paperback and hardcover. Everything seems to indicate that in all three cases sales will increase little by little until they reach the level of The Sapphire Eruption.