A new power that we did not know about Nezuko Kamado in the last episode of the second season

All Demon Slayer fans have been amazed to enjoy the second season of the anime, and it is that, at the end of it, a new power that we did not know about the female character of Nezuko Kamado has been revealed to us, so today we have to go into detail.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that, the story arc of the Entertainment District came to an end with the last episode of the series, and, to tell the truth, it did so just in time, since the fight against the brothers of the Upper Six he had left Tanjiro and the others completely exhausted in every way.

Even though in the previous episode Kimetsu no Yaiba announced that they had finally been able to defeat the demonic duo, Tanjiro and the others involved were still in some danger due to the damage caused by Gyutaro’s poison over the course of the fight.

The last episode showed that Tanjiro and the others luckily managed to survive Gyutaro’s unexpected final attack seen in the penultimate episode thanks to Nezuko Kamado’s timely intervention. However, as the aftermath continued behind this surprising but deadly attack, Tanjiro immediately discovered that Nezuko had a new use for her Blood Art flames after the match.

In this way, he was able to use that power to burn off all the leftover demonic poison after the ambush and thus managed to save them all from imminent death. On the other hand, in the Entertainment District arc, Nezuko had grown considerably in both power and ferocity due to her being forced to take on Daki’s superior strength.

That brief burst of power was already an impressive display of Nezuko’s new ability Kimetsu no Yaiba had let us see, and it’s definitely the best reveal of her growth yet. So far we’ve seen how Nezuko’s flames were used against demons as a sort of counterweight, giving Tanjiro a huge advantage when he really needed it.

We have previously seen her burn Rui’s strings and help Tanjiro out of Enmu’s spell. With this shocking event, we have finally seen her ability to burn Gyutaro’s poison. Now it’s pretty clear to us that these flames are something we really need to pay attention to, because we’ll probably have some new news surrounding Nezuko’s fire abilities.

There are still many unanswered questions about the extent of Nezuko’s power, as although we had seen him in action in the Entertainment District arc, we still don’t know how far his power will reach. So now that the franchise has confirmed a third season, it looks like there will be more opportunities to see Nezuko in action.