A new price increase for paper manga to come? – melty

By Juliet Faure

– Posted on Mar 30, 2022 at 10:00

While the manga market is booming, we learn today that prices could see a further increase. Indeed, Fedrigoni, a large producer of paper for publishing, announced a new price increase.

Last December, Panini is the first publisher to announce a price increase on certain editions. Pika Edition had made a similar announcement, talking more about price realignment. But just a few weeks after these first increases, manga publishers may well be forced to revise their prices upwards.

The publisher of comics and illustrated books Rackham recently shared on Twitter a letter sent by fedrigoni, a major producer of publishing paper. In the document, the Italian company explains that in addition to an already complicated context, it has worsened with the crisis in Ukraine. And in view of the situation, the producer reveals new price increases, between 7 and 15% on all their coated and uncoated graphic papers and specialty papers.

Will manga become a luxury product?

Following this announcement, one editor in particular spoke. Sullivan Rouaud, collection director at Are you eating and that we had met in the context of our article on the import of a manga in France. In his tweet, Sullivan warns, explaining that these large increases will affect all prices.

In her Twitter thread, Sullivan further explores the future that awaits the publishing world. The collection director warns. In the first place, it is comics, fine books and large literary luxury formats that will be affected. Nevertheless, the world of manga will not be spared and Sullivan believes that at Christmas increases will already be present. Beyond the price increases, the collection director explains that short-run titles will no longer have a chance to be printed and only top-selling titles, such as My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen or Attack on Titan, may benefit from printing.

Finally, Sullivan rightly points out that these paper price increases will impact all small and medium-sized publishing houses. Publishers like Noeve Grafx or Mangetsu might just not be able to make prints anymoreaccess to printers and stocks of cardboard and paper being facilitated for large groups such as Hatchet Book. For the time being, no other publisher has spoken publicly on this subject or to announce price increases. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that the weeks and months to come are likely to be complicated for them. And reading paper manga could soon become a luxury item.