A Nichameleon cosplay shows us his own version of Demon Slayer’s Shinobu Kocho in a bikini

The cosplayer community has a large number of sources of inspiration in the series anime Y sleeveThis is largely due to their characters that have unique aspects and abilities, so we are not surprised that some artists make their own characterizations that present them to us in real life, just as is the case with the characterization that we show you today.

Something that seems quite curious to us is the fact that Demon Slayer has taken a more leading role in many of the cosplays that we have been seeing in recent weeks, especially in its female characters, just like Shinobu Kocho, a one of the most beloved demon hunters in the series.

Best of all, we can see how the beautiful model nichameleonalso known as nic_the_pixiein his official account of instagrampresents us with a new version of the beloved character, who previously showed us his most tender side and attached to the appearance that we can see in the original version of the anime.

But Nichameleon has taken a big turn, showing us a more revealing side of Shinobu Kocho in an impersonation of the demon slayer while sporting a Nichameleon-themed bikini. The cosplayer managed to shock Demon Slayer fans with a radical style and show us a more provocative version that gives rise to her amazing silhouette.

Nichameleon took the opportunity to bring to light a decidedly revealing cosplay, in which he showed an unprecedented side, of the one seen in the series. Fans fell in love at first sight with the more hidden side of Shinobu Kocho’s character, even quite explicitly, where she is prepared to spend a day at the pool.

We must mention that there is a clear difference between this and the version that the model previously showed us, and that is that when we got more confident we could see how the model manages to make everyone fall in love with her amazing bikini inspired by the character. This costume is precisely tailored, both in the hairstyle and in the tiny outfit, a swimsuit that leaves little to the imagination, but that all her fans left with their mouths open.