A simple case of deception shakes the anime world in Japan: possible big upheaval for Bleach and Demon Slayer

After long years of waiting, the anime Mob Psycho 100 is finally back on our screens. Since October 19, 2022, season 3 has been broadcast on Tokyo MX in Japan and on Crunchyroll in France, and allows us to discover the evolution of Shigeo Kageyama through ever more original and spectacular adventures.

One of the biggest Japanese Seiyuus at the heart of a scandal

Unfortunately, what was supposed to be a party is now marred by an improbable scandal in Japan. While the Seiyuus – a term used to designate dubbing actors – are true kings and queens among our neighbors, and are revered as never before by the public, the career of Takahiro Sakurai today comes up against an unexpected scandal.

It’s the Weekly Bushun who revealed the information this week, the interpreter of Reigen in Mob Psycho 100 – but also of Giyu Tomioka in Demon Slayer or sasori in naruto, would have led a double life for almost ten years in the greatest secrecy. While the actor had been married for many years – something the general public and some of his entourage were unaware of, he was also in a relationship with an author from his radio show PS Genki Desu. Takahiro.

However, obviously, the latter was not aware of this situation and fell from above when, at the bend of an unpublished interview with Takahiro Sakurai granted last month, the latter discovered that he was already engaged with a other person. Faced with this betrayal, she would not only have resigned (or even left the industry altogether), but she would also have been admitted to the emergency room. Her condition has not been released, but she is said to be out of danger nonetheless.

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A case of deception that shocks a country

Faced with this controversy, the actor initially assured that he had put an end to his affair before the revelation around his marriage during the interview. Then, now chased by the press, he confided that he would speak more extensively about this case in the future, aware of his mistakes and of the work that awaits him to regain the confidence of those close to him (his wife also discovered this case with the article) and its audience.

Yes, there have been such exchanges [avec l’autrice] about a marriage between us. (…) There I speak with my wife. Now I’m trying to explain myself he notably confided. I will come back to you later. For now, I would appreciate your giving me the time“.

For its part, Intention – the talent agency that deals with Takahiro Sakurai, has already officially apologized to all those who may have felt hurt by this controversy, as the emotion is currently strong in Japan with many negative reactions.

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What consequences for Takahiro Sakurai?

A simple private matter that does not concern us? Yes, but which could nevertheless have big consequences in the weeks / months to come. Already, a first announcement has fallen: PS Genki Desu. Takahiro is now complete. According to the first revelations, it is the actor who would have decided to stop everything following the departure of the author and in the face of the reactions of his team. A real shock for the fans as this radio show which allowed to discover the behind the scenes of the dubbing was appreciated.

Similarly, if to date his artistic agency still seems to support Takahiro Sakurai, we will now have to wait to see if this controversy will also impact his career in the world of animation. We remember, comedian Tatsuhisa Suzuki was recently forced to leave the series tokyo revenge in which he lent his voice to draken following a case around… his infidelity. It is indeed a subject taken very seriously in Japan and the producers can show themselves without pity to save a project by avoiding putting the spectators on their backs.

As a reminder, Takahiro Sakurai is also in the cast of Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War inasmuch as Izuru Kira, blue lock inasmuch as Sae Itoshi, Jujutsu Kaisen inasmuch as Suguru Getō or Urusei Yatsura inasmuch as Tsubame Ozuno. All big roles that show his importance in the industry but, at the same time, show the earthquakes in the world of anime that could take place if the comedian was also brought to see these characters taken away from him. ..