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The Mexican defeated Gazir in the last battle in an unforgettable night, which will go down in the history of Spanish-speaking freestyle

More than 17,000 people followed the event at the Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City on a night that marked the return of freestyle to the big stadiums

Colombia will be the host country of the 2023 edition of the Red Bull Batalla International Final

Mexico City, Monday, December 12 – The reality, once again, has exceeded the expectations generated around the Red Bull International Final Battle 2022. Aczino has been crowned the first Red Bull Batalla International Three-time Champion, starring, for the second consecutive year, in one of the most important historical moments of the competition.

Relive the International Final 2022 here.

«I feel very happy to give this joy to my people. It is what fills me the most, “said the Mexican moments after taking the belt. And about what awaits him in the future, he cleared up all doubt: «We are going to fight for the next International. Maybe we can close a cycle by winning in Colombia.

With a tremendous ending, Aczino became the absolute champion of the night, leading at all times the most epic confrontations of the great International Final, showing the jury and the more than 17 thousand people that packed the Sport’s palace from Mexico City why he is considered one of the best freestylers in the world. “Three time champion, three time champion!” the fans yelled before Arci raised Aczino’s hand.

they came out on stage Aczino (International Champion 2021), Skone (International Runner-up 2021), gazir (third place in the 2021 International Final), rapder (4th place in the 2021 International Final), Yoiker (Mexico), Blon (Spain), Carpe Diem (Colombia), Indian (Central America), Shock (Peru), Wick (Argentina), joker (Chili), spectro (Uruguay), Theorem (Chili), Wolf (Argentina), skipper (Mexico) and Valleys-T (Colombia).

After the first round, Skone, Rapder, Yoiker, Gazir, Wolf, Mecha, Spektro and Aczino remained in the competition. Spektro gave the surprise and turned around the first forecasts and took the pass to the quarterfinals against Valles-T.

The quarters opened with the battle between Skone and Rapder, a replay of the final battle of the 2020 International in the Dominican Republic that Rapder also won. On that same side of the keys there was the first reply of the night (unanimously) in the battle between Carpediem and Gazir and which was finally won by the Asturian participant. On the other side of the keys we had an Argentine duel between Wolf and Mecha that was resolved with a victory for Mecha.

In the semifinals Gazir beat Rapder with a reply. The other semifinal was won by the favorite Aczino, winning his way to the Final against Mecha.

Third place went to Mecha, a battle of special relevance as the winner of this duel is the one who wins his direct pass to the International Final the following year. Thus, the Argentine secured his place for the 2023 International Final.

The jury was made up of heavyweights of improvisation such as blazzt, Stick, klan, Pieces Y marithea. The hosts arci Y Serko Fu They did not miss the party either, in charge once again of managing the strings in the competition to the rhythm of the Peruvian DJ Commanded.

Colombia, host of the 2023 International Final

Another of the most anticipated moments of the night was when it was revealed that Colombia will be the host country of the 2023 International Final. There Nazo took the stage to break the news: after 17 years, Colombia will once again host the biggest competition of improvised rap in the Spanish-speaking world, Red Bull Batalla. This will be the second time that Colombia hosts a Red Bull Batalla International Final, after hosting it in 2006.

The road to the International Final

The 2022 Red Bull Batalla season kicked off in March with the registration process in which participants had to send a video improvising through the official Red Bull Batalla app. A jury was in charge, saw all the videos and selected the best ones from each country that went to the National Final or to the regional qualifiers in those countries where they were held.

Other participants took the stage of the Palacio de Deportes after having qualified by having made the podium last year (Azcino, Skone and Gazir).

For the second consecutive year, one of the participants in the Red Bull Batalla International Final emerged from the plazas of America and Spain. Sixteen MCs competition champions of the underground from different countries competed for a place in the main international freestyle event in Spanish.

Another of the participants was chosen through an online vote in which Teorema (Chile) obtained 47% of the more than 400,000 votes received.

A Runners-up tournament was also held in Mexico City with the other four runners-up with the most votes that Skiper won.

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