After Chainsaw Man and Attack on Titan, another cult manga will be adapted into an anime

news culture After Chainsaw Man and Attack on Titan, another cult manga will be adapted into an anime

Like Chainsaw Man, Blue Lock or even Solo Leveling, the animated adaptation of manga Kaiju n°8 is expected across different corners of the globe. A first teaser was published yesterday by Toho Animation, enough to fill up on information on what could be the future of shônen.


  • Kaiju n°8, an already promising television adaptation
  • Already a hit in France and Japan

Kaiju n°8, an already promising television adaptation

The seasons pass and the animes broadcast on television too. At the end of 2022, Japanese animation fans can enjoy the television adaptations of chain saw man, SpyFamily or the sequel to Mob-Psycho, My Hero Academia and of Bleach. In particular, some eyes are already on next year, when the long-awaited epilogue of The attack of the Titans should be broadcast. It is also the second season of Vinland Saga and of Jujutsu Kaisen which are expected, just like the third season of Demon Slayer with the story arc of the village of blacksmiths.

A year 2023 which should also welcome the anime adaptation of successful manga. In the columns of JV, we have already told you about the arrival next anime Solo Leveling (of South Korean origin who has been a hit on the Internet), from Mashle’s (manga that mixes big muscles and Harry Potter) or that of Kaiju #8 : a manga that revives the Kaiju (big monsters in Japanese) à la Godzilla and King Kong in a modern Tokyo. If we already knew that the adaptation was on the way, it was Toho who published a first video teaser yesterday (to watch above) as well as a lot of information about this adaptation.

It is a first poster that was broadcast about it (see opposite) as well as a release period: it will be necessary to wait until 2024 before seeing the first episode of this television adaptation, produced by two studios. In the animation, we find IG Productions : a veteran of the scene that some anime fans were able to find with Haikyu, Kuroko no Basketball, Psycho-Pass or more recently Ao Ashi. At their side, the Khara studio will take care of the design and character design : a studio recognized for its work on several films Shin Evangelion. Something to reassure fans of Naoya Matsumoto’s manga.

Already a hit in France and Japan

In any case, GI production and the Khara studio will therefore have to adapt the story of Naoya Matsumoto’s manga into an anime. In contemporary times, Japan is regularly hit by the appearance of large monsters (or Kaiju). To protect themselves, a military unit called Defense Forces are on the alert in case of a glitch. Now in his thirties, Kafka Hibino has tried time and time again to join this squad since it was his childhood dream. Unfortunately, he failed every time he tried and turned back into the cleanup unit tasked with ridding the tarmac of the corpses of these abominations. It is then that a foreign body is ingested by his organism and transforms him into a semi-kaiju. Enough to help him retake the competition, but he will have to keep his new identity secret so as not to be eliminated instantly.

A synopsis that has already convinced many fans in France: when it was drawn, it quite simply achieves the best launch of a manga in the history of France. A success probably due to the giant poster displayed by its publisher on the front of the National Library of France.

In Japan, ten million copies have been sold since its release in December 2020. This year, it is one of the top 10 most distributed manga in the archipelago between November 2021 and November 2022: Kaiju #8 takes tenth place with just over three million copies, not so far from Chainsaw Man and Blue Lock yet at the heart of intense promotion with the release this fall of their television adaptation. A new king of shônen could therefore be on the way with Kaiju n°8 and its animated adaptation, scheduled for 2024.