After its first episode, what can we expect from Demon Slayer: Mugen Train Arc? – Spoiler Time

Bravo, we can finally see the amazing adventure of Mugen Train as an anime adaptation!

Wait… are you reading an article from 2020? But if the movie Demon Slayer: Mugen Train premiered on October 16 in Japan, and we were even happy to see it in our region in cinemas a few months ago, thanks to the efforts of Konnichiwa!

Sure, you are absolutely right. But In these lines we talk about LA MINISERIE that premiered last Saturday, and that it will not only cover the events of the film, but much more.

But we go in parts …

Some weeks ago, ufotable and the production of the adaptation of the work of Koyoharu Gotōge announced that, in addition to the imminent second season of the anime series, a special miniseries would be released as a prelude and connection between the first and second seasons that would not only limit itself to re-showing the 117 minutes of the film that snatched the “kokoro”(Plus $ 503 million at the worldwide box office).

What’s more, The production ensures that there will be details and unpublished scenes that will be crucial to understand what will happen in season 2, as well as a better understanding (and surely more tears) about the motivations and nobility of our beloved Rengoku (If you haven’t seen the movie, we won’t give you spoilers.)

Based on the first episode already aired, is this arc worth revisiting?

The simple and absolute answer is YES. We already saw episode 1 and we can assure you that, even if you saw the movie (even more than once, because we already know that you are as otaku as we are), there are very important details and subplots that you surely don’t want to leave out.

Rengoku, the mighty pillar of fire, demonstrates much of what is in his noble heart in the run-up to the events of the Infinity Train, where he rescues an old woman and her granddaughter from a dangerous “ultra-fast” monster, making it clear that it is not the first time that a member of her family has protected the old woman’s.

Besides that, the epilogues become more interesting and fun than the ones we saw in the first 26 episodes of the series, so we are sure that from the second to the seventh there will be very interesting details that will complement this well-known adventure. And at least from what we saw in this episode, the animation of ufotable It is still SUPERIOR to what we are used to (as if it were possible)! There is talk of about 70 new cuts, more music and the aforementioned previous ones for the next episode.

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What will be the precise prelude to the Entertainment District Arc (to be released on December 5) with the arrival of the beautiful and lethal at the?

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