Alejandra Guzmán undergoing emergency surgery

Photo by Omar Vega/Getty Images

10 years after having injected biopolymers into the buttocks, Alejandra Guzman he has undergone more than 40 surgeries to eliminate us, without bringing that ordeal to an end. This Friday the singer had to be urgently admitted again because the substance continues to accumulate in her body.

This was reported by the journalist Ana Maria Alvarado on the mexican tv show the sun rises (Image TV), in which he explained that the 54-year-old interpreter had to undergo surgery at a hospital in Mexico City due to pain and discomfort in his legs.

“Unfortunately, she already knows the process very well. When she begins to feel bad and has high temperatures, it is a sign that polymer has accumulated again. This time it was in one of the legs. This operation was performed just yesterday.” , said the co-presenter, who recalled that it has been a complicated process for the artist because it is an unpredictable situation and when symptoms appear, she immediately has to go to a health center.

Regarding the state of health of the interpreter of hits like “Día de suerte” and “Yo te espera”, Alvarado said that she is already getting over this intervention, which she described as “painful” and invasive.

“They have to scrape off the product again, after the operation they took her to the hyperbaric chamber. It is painful, she is recovering at the moment,” he said.

In July of last year, the daughter of Enrique Guzman Y Silvia Pinal spoke openly in an interview with Yordi Rosado on his YouTube channel about the surgeries he has undergone throughout his life and how they have affected his health.

“I started to realize that I wasn’t in good health when I was in London making a record. There I couldn’t walk anymore and I started to feel really bad, with a terrible fever. My skin turns black and hard as a stone and the plastic didn’t allow my skin to breathe,” she said.


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