Alice Bong falls in love with her own cosplay of Princess Boo from Luigi’s Mansion

The cosplayer community often surprises us with some characterizations dedicated to some of the sagas of video game most striking of the Video Game Industryand today we will focus on one dedicated to the universe of Super Marioand it is that with its colorful theme it has managed to captivate a large number of fans over the years, this saga has won the love of many around the world and has positioned the company as a Nintendo.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that some truly talented fans have surprised us with amazing tributes to their favorite characters from the Super Mario saga, so today he takes a leading role in a cosplay that reveals all the beauty of the character. feminine of the Princess Boowhich even has the super crown.

Best of all, a beautiful cosplayer model has decided to dedicate one of her creations to this beautiful female character and presents us with a version that went viral on social networks due to the great popularity of the Super Crown, although never seen before in the video games of Luigi’s Mansion.

This characterization was done by Alice Bongalso known as hheadshhotin his official account of instagram, where he has shown us how beautiful the female version of King Boo is, the final boss of the Luigi’s Mansion video game saga. Without a doubt, we can see how more than one fan of the saga is left breathless when seeing this amazing cosplay that introduces us to Princess Boo in real life.

For those who aren’t too deep into Nintendo’s iconic video game saga, Luigi’s Mansion introduces Luigi as a ghost hunter, and thanks to the big stir that arose with the arrival of the Super Crown, King Boo became the beautiful Princess. Boo, a woman with a charming figure, white in color and who maintains the ghostly essence of the Final Boss, which Alice Bong managed to perfectly recreate in her latest cosplay.

Princess Boo was inspired by the “Super Crown” mechanic that turns the character from Toadette in a resemblance to Princess Peachwhich Nintendo showed off during an ad for Nintendo Direct for New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe on September 13, 2018.

Regarding her appearance, we can say that she has long white hair, big purple eyes, pale skin and a slim body, dressed in a long white dress, elbow-length white gloves, white sneakers and has a crown on her head. head, so this cosplay has it all covered in detail for the female version of King Boo, and we look forward to seeing more of these cosplays from Alice Bong.