All About Solar Breathing Technique: Demon Slayer

Since Demon Slayer’s solar breathing is the most powerful of the many breathing methods, let’s take a look at how it came about. Demon Slayer: The swordsmen of Kimetsu no Yaiba use a variety of breathing methods to combat the evil lurking in the shadows. The Sun Breathing Method is often considered the original, despite the fact that each variation is powerful and distinct in itself. Find out what was the history of his manga / anime series.

In Tanjiro’s battle with Rui, we get our first glimpse of his Hinokami Kagura dance, which isn’t just mind-blowing; it also marks an important turning point in history. At first glance, this appears to be a family ritual performed as a sacrifice to Hinokami, the god of fire, by Tanjiro’s family of coal merchants for centuries. He learned it from his father. The Flame Hashira, the dying Kyojuro Rengoku, informs Tanjiro, however, that a library in his family’s house may contain documents related to Hinokami Kagura’s location and history.

Tanjiro meets Senjuro and Shinjuro, Flame Hashira’s younger brother and father, at Rengoku’s residence. Tanjiro had never heard of sun breathing, so when Shinjuro sees his hanafuda earrings, Shinjuro guesses that Tanjiro is performing the sun breathing skill. The angry and distraught Elder Flame Hashira informs Tanjiro that all other breathing techniques are just imitations of the original form of solar breathing. Shinjuro has no desire to interact with the young Demon Slayer, believing that Tanjiro has a superiority complex due to his use of Sun Breath.

Tanjiro and Senjuro search the book Rengoku suggested for answers, but it is too damaged to read. After discovering that the Hinokami Kagura has 13 forms, Senjuro writes a letter to Tanjiro, despite Tanjiro not learning anything new. Tanjiro learns more about Sun Breathing and his ancestor Sumiyoshi through a series of unusual dreams he has called inherited memories.

Events in the life of Tanjiro’s ancestor, Sumiyoshi, come to life in these flashbacks, which he shares with Yoriichi Tsugikuni. Yoriichi was a great Sengoku warrior as well as the inventor of solar breathing. In the history of the organization, he is the most powerful demon slayer, using a combination of his breathing method, Demon Slayer Mark, and the ability to see the transparent universe. Yoriichi almost overcomes Muzan on his own during their fight due to his mix of skills and natural genius.

Due to Yoriichi’s inability to exterminate Muzan, the demon continues to harm innocent people. As he remembers Yoriichi’s solar breathing forms, Tanjiro learns from seeing him do them in the past. Partly due to Sumiyoshi’s efforts, the Hinokami Kagura has been passed down from generation to generation. The only thing Yoriichi left for Sumiyoshi are her hanafuda earrings, which are ultimately passed on to Tanjiro since Yoriichi had no heirs.

Anyone who had heard of Sun Breathing had been murdered after Yoriichi was murdered by Muzan and his higher rank 1 demon twin brother, Kokushibo. While there are still descendants of Breath of Sun users, such as Muichiro Tokito, the Mist Hashira, Tanjiro’s family have managed to preserve the original style of Breath of Sun clothing. As time passes, Tanjiro begins to see the connection between solar breathing and his family’s dance.

Tanjiro recalled his father’s words: “If you learn to breathe properly, Tanjiro, you can dance forever”, seeing Yoriichi doing the 12 shapes. He discovers that the “Dance” and “Flame Dance” forms can link the 12 formations together, forming a ring that allows him to launch assaults one after the other. The 13th form is crucial in the final fight since it is the result of the successful combination of the 12 forms.

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