All Nippon Airways Unveils Third Boeing 777 With Demon Slayer Livery

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All Nippon Airways (ANA) unveiled the new livery (livery) of his third Demon Slayer plane, which will operate from October 3. The chosen aircraft was a Boeing 777, license plate JA745A. In addition, the flights carried out by this unique aircraft will offer passengers a unique travel experience.

The idea of All Nippon Airways painting three of its planes with Demos Slayer characters is because the airline seeks to pay homage to pop culture and anime is very representative of the Asian country. The aircraft will be flying various routes during its first 13 days of operation, so it can be seen in various Japanese cities, including Haneda, Fukuoka, Sapporo and Itami.

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The painting of Boeing 777 will include three of the best known characters from Demos Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. Tanjiro could not miss, the star of the Japanese series, who this time will be accompanied by Rengoku and Tengen.

On flights operated by this aircraft, flight attendants will wear aprons inspired by another favorite character of anime fans, Kocho Shinobu. The seats will be covered by a cover of Tanjiro wearing a pilot’s uniform and Nazuko as a flight attendant.

As for the food service, the drinks will be served in containers with Demon Slayer motifs. As if that were not enough, passengers will be able to purchase stainless steel bottles with the representative plane and on the first 4 flights travelers will be given a notepad.

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According to Tomoji Ishii, Executive Vice President of Management and Planning of the Customer Experience of the airline, in addition to highlighting Japan’s pop culture, they seek to offer their passengers an entertaining flight experience.

This initiative was possible thanks to the agreement that in 2021 All Nippon Airways entered into with Ufotable, a major anime company. The first planes to be painted with Demon Slayer motifs were two Boeing 767s. The first went into operation on January 31 and the second on March 26 of this year. The liveries of these planes and the items offered during the flight have been widely accepted by passengers, so we will surely see more similar initiatives.

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