All Vegeta Forms Combine In New Jaw Dropping Fanart | Pretty Reel

Vegeta is a Saiyan who has more than a few forms that fans know and love, with this new fanart blending them all into one image!

The Prince of All Saiyans, Vegeta, is an iconic Dragon Ball villain-turned-hero who has mastered as many superpowered transformations as his rival, Goku, and now in an incredible piece of fanart, all of Vegeta’s forms come together in one image. epic that Dragon Ball fans must see!

Posted to Instagram under the username @matsumoto_art, this account consistently posts all kinds of unique and visually distinct fanart that nerds of almost any franchise can appreciate. Producing artwork from the worlds of Dragon Ball, Star Wars, DC Comics, Marvel, Demon Slayer, Tomb Raider, and more, Matsumoto is a nerd artist worth discovering, especially with this inspiring and downright tribute. gorgeous in Vegeta.

Constantly ground to a level of power unheard of in the entire Dragon Ball universe and beyond, Vegeta is no stranger to acquiring a few extra forms when the time comes, especially if it means catching up with his Saiyan pal, Kakarot aka Goku, and once and for all become his best. Using no less than five different transformations throughout the franchise’s long history, Matsumoto blending them all together in inspired fanart is just the icing on the cake for a fan-favorite Dragon Ball character who looks just as good. badass that he acts.

All of Vegeta’s Forms in One Image

Drawing Vegeta standing tall with his patented smirk plastered on his face and an oversized Dragon Ball Namekian under his arm, Matsumoto immediately shows why their take on this Saiyan prince was worth pursuing. Blending all of Vegeta’s transformations with a visually striking rainbow hairstyle, Matsumoto combines Vegeta’s yellow Super Saiyan/Majin Vegeta hair with shades of his red Super Saiyan God form, his blue Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan look, and even his latest design, a purple shock of hair from his Ultra Ego transformation!

Plus, eagle-eyed fans will no doubt notice all the extra details Matsumoto has hidden throughout the piece, most of which depict events from Vegeta’s past that mark his story in creative and impressive ways. By inserting images of Vegeta and Nappa into their Saiyan Pods, his family in Bulma, Trunks and Bulla, Vegeta’s great ape form (with his tail cut off), other characters from his past and present like Frieza, the Ginyu Force, Goku Black, Beerus, Whis and more, Matsumoto (@matsumoto_art) successfully transforms this Dragon Ball icon into an even more badass character than he already is, while giving fans a cliff notes version of Vegeta’s life, in the process!