Analysis Guardians of the Night -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Hinokami Chronicles, Tanjiro’s adventure now on Switch

Last October it was launched Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Hinokami Chroniclesalso known by Night Watch -Kimetsu No Yaiba- The Hinokami Chronicles, on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. There was a pending version, the one for Nintendo Switch, which it’s a little late but that allows you to debut with all the free post-launch content that has arrived over the last few months, balances and online missions. And what’s even better, a more than decent adaptation of Cyberconnect2’s spectacular 3D fighting game.

The success of Aniplex made a video game

demon slayer on Nintendo Switch adapts the game we saw on home systems in October, so we recommend the original analysis for full details of its modes and gameplay. The game in the Nintendo hybrid brings back the action and the history of the license that if it stands out for something it is mainly for its fidelity to the original work, both visually and for its story mode. The developer has callus on this thanks to the numerous Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Y Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.

So even though it’s a fighting game designed for local or online competitive showdown, one of our first stops should be the great story mode, approached as a 3D adventure with battles that follows the most mythical scenes until the arc of the Infinity Train, including duels against lesser demons and the most emblematic bosses. Cyberconnect2 continues to be one of the best studios when it comes to adapting anime aesthetics to real-time graphics, so it never ceases to amaze us how most of the time we feel like we’re watching a video drawn from the anime. and thanks to that Kimetsu no Yaiba It is already a very spectacular series in itself, these confrontations will leave us glued to the screen.

The elemental effects and characteristic scenes of the anime have been transferred with total fidelity, as you would expect from Cyberconnect2.

However, in the playable aspects demon slayer left us a little colder. The exploration part, although it is appreciated in a title of these characteristics, is limited to some small and very restricted maps, and part of its charm fades if you are not a big fan of the original story. Combat is more excitingespecially when the bosses appear, which act more like enemies of an action RPG with their devastating attacks, attack patterns and strategies as original as the source from which they drink each demon uses a different type of ability-, with small scenes of QTE to highlight the knockouts.

The fighting system will remind us of other titles of the developer, without the interaction with the environment of a Naruto, but with a generous freedom to move around the combat arena. The controls are simple, very limited compared to a deeper fighting game, but it’s an understandable decision considering that the target audience of demon slayer not exactly that of a Tekken either street-fighter. Flashy skills are easily executed, combos are uncomplicated and the strategy basically consists of knowing how to counterattack, dodge rival attacks and make use of the second character, which adds a little more variety depending on the combinations.

there is little
There are small exploration sections in the story mode that give it a more adventurous tone and break up the monotony, but it’s almost anecdotal.

This playable section, which tends to fall into repetition due to the abuse of the same combos over and over again, is what prevented demon slayer convinced us more. The initial template was also a little rough, because 18 characters seems like enough, but many consisted of variations of Tanjiro or taken from the spin off Kimetsu Gakuen in an attempt to inflate the figure. This is matched with six more demons free that rescued characters that had been left out, such as Akaza, Rui, Yahama, Susamaru, Enmu and the couple Yushiro and Tamayo, all of them included in the Nintendo Switch version. More characters are planned, but they will be paid for.

A very competent version

Cyberconnect 2 already demonstrated what it was capable of with the naruto shippuden more than a decade ago, and has been able to optimize demon slayer on Nintendo Switch very efficiently. It works at 30 images per second, the same as PS4 and Xbox One after its release, an update was released at 60 fps on PS5, Xbox Series and PC-, which is not ideal in a fighting game but with the gameplay characteristic of these games is not a big drawback.

The adaptation
The adaptation to Nintendo Switch is good. In this sense there are no big cuts compared to other systems.

Also, the title shows sharp graphics and the animation of the characters during the sequences continue to impress. The artistic direction with cel shading in the characters it hides very well any reduction in quality that the studio has made with its move to the hybrid, which is mainly in textures and some effects, such as the rain of particles. A very reasonable price to enjoy the game in portable mode and that honestly you will hardly notice if it is not in direct comparison with the rest of the platforms.


If you do not have demon slayer in another system and you had stayed with the desire, Night Watch -Kimetsu No Yaiba- The Hinokami Chronicles on Nintendo Switch is a good version of a game that, like the original, showed some ups and downs. As a fighting title it is a little better than so many other adaptations we have seen in recent years One Punch Man, My Hero One’s Justice– but the real enjoyment is how entertaining Tanjiro’s journey is, the artistic aspects and the peak moments he knows how to give. Recommended for fans of Koyoharu Gotouge’s work, although it is far from exploiting the enormous potential of the license.

We have carried out this analysis thanks to a download code that Koch Media has offered us.