Anastasia Cold is Shizuku Tan in an excellent My Dress-Up Darling cosplay

Every year several new animes arrive but only some get popularity to last many years in the minds and hearts of their fans, but it seems that one of them is My Dress Up Darling, as its protagonist Marin Kitagawa is quite popular within the community of cosplayers. To test the cosplay of Anastasia Coldwho fell in love with his fans as Shizuku Tan.

In the anime and manga story of My Dress-Up Darling we meet Marin Kitagawa, a student who dreams of becoming a professional cosplayer and for that she asks her partner Gojo for help. Throughout history we see Marin with different outfits and one of them is that of Shizuku-Tan, for whom Anastasia Cold made a great cosplay.

Anastasia Cold is Shizuku Tan in her My Dress-Up Darling cosplay.

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Anastasia Cold is a Ukrainian model and professional cosplayer who presented her first cosplay a couple of years ago and has just surprised My Dress-Up Darling fans with her original version of Marin Kitagawa as Shizuku Tan. The cosplay in question was posted to mid-June and is one of the most popular on his profile.

The first few times Anastasia Cold cosplayed, she did so in an amateur quality, but she quickly began posting professional quality shoots that earned her fame within the cosplay community. Anastasia Cold is currently one of the best Ukrainian cosplayers and her cosplay of Marin Kitagawa as Shizuku Tan shows us why.

Although the My Dress-Up Darling anime aired in January, we first saw Anastasia Cold cosplay Marin Kitagawa when she cosplayed Shizuku Tan in mid-June. A month later Anastasia presented a student version of the cosplay, but recently she also cosplayed as Rizu Kyun. If you liked the Shizuku Tan cosplay that Anastasia did, visit her social networks to see the other versions of the character.