Anime Japan 2022: Recap of a disappointing event The Siver Times

By Juliet Faure

– Posted on Mar 28, 2022 at 1:53 p.m.

If there was one event not to be missed this weekend for fans of Japanese animation and manga, it was Anime Japan 2022. Particularly awaited around the world, the event was however turned out to be quite disappointing.

Many events take place each year around manga and the world of Japanese animation. Some, like the Jump Festa are always sources of big announcements, as was the case last December. I’Japanese Anime is traditionally one of those events that fans are looking forward to. But this year, the event did not live up to expectations.

The attack of the Titans, Jujutsu Kaisen or Hunter x Hunter, as many great franchises from the world of manga and Japanese animation were expected this weekend. While for some fans hoped for the announcement of a feature film, for others, fans hoped for the announcement of an unexpected return. And yet, it was nothing. And theJapan Anime 2022 has a most disappointing side to the community. Back to a disappointing event and hollow announcements.

The attack of the Titans

The fourth season is about to end with the broadcast of the last episode, finally scheduled for April 3, or Sunday. Present during theJapan Anime 2022, the manga behemoth, created by Hajime Isayama, was particularly awaited by fans. Indeed, several rumors agree that season 4 of the anime will not fully cover the ending of the manga.

There should thus remain nine chapters to adapt. So fans hoped feature film announcementwhich would conclude the animated adaptation of one of the greatest manga of recent years in style, or the announcement of a third part to season 4. Nevertheless, theJapan Anime 2022 was not the source of any significant announcement for the franchise. The seiyu, however, spoke on stage, saying that they believe they were the most important scenes of season 4. They also revealed that the recording of the anime is still in progress.

Jujutsu Kaisen

The manga created by Gege Akutami has become one of the most popular in recent months. True dark-fantasy phenomenon, Jujutsu Kaisen saw the film adapting volume 0 released around the world, but also season 2 of the anime becoming official, both produced by the animation studio MAPPA. From this event, fans were therefore waiting for news of season 2 expected for next year.

Nevertheless, just as for the panel dedicated to The attack of the Titans, no anime news. Indeed, the panel of Jujutsu Kaisen has essentially been dedicated to mobile gaming, which should be released later this year. So a big disappointment.

Demon Slayer

The broadcast of season 2 of Demon Slayer ended on February 13 with episode 44 titled With each reincarnation. Compiled, the first two seasons and the animated film cover until chapter 97, which is until volume 11 of the manga which has 23. So we are not far from the half of the story and the fans hoped that I’Japan Anime 2022 would be the occasion for the production to announce news of season 3recently made official.

However, the panel dedicated to Demon Slayer revealed nothing new. The main cast of season 2 was present and the seiyu spent 40 minutes reminiscing about the highlights of this season.

Sword Art Online

This year anime Sword Art Online will celebrate its 10th anniversary. And on this occasion, a new trailer featuring the iconic scenes of the series has been revealed. At the start of the year, French fans discovered the film at the cinema Sword Art Online – Progressive – Art of Starless Night. Quickly, a new film, scheduled for a Japanese release in the fall of 2022, was announced.

I’Japan Anime 2022 was the occasion for the franchise to unveil a first trailer for the next film of Sword Art Online.

vampire in the garden

The American streaming platform netflix was present at this event. This was also an opportunity for her, and the production studio W.I.T. Studioto announce a new series exclusive to the platform: vampire in the garden. On the occasion of this announcement, a first trailer was unveiled, as well as a release date. This new creation will therefore be available on netflix May 16, 2022.

In addition to this original creation, the studio WIT also working on the animated film bubbleexpected on netflix for next month. It now seems obvious that the American platform wants to compete with the masters of anime streaming, Crunchyroll and DNA.

The Quintessential Quintuplets

It is in December 2021 that the franchise The Quintessential Quintuplets reveals the release date of his animated film. Scheduled for May 20, 2022, the film is particularly awaited by fans of the saga. On the occasion of theJapan Anime 2022a new trailer has been unveiled, without the production teams revealing any new information.


As vampire in the garden, Spriggan is an original creation signed netflix. Produced by the animation studio David Production, the series adapts the manga of the same name written by Hiroshi Takashuge and illustrated by Tyoji Minagawa. Posted in the Weekly Shōnen Sunday from 1989 to 1996, Spriggan had been a huge hit in the 90s, selling over 10 million copies.

On the occasion of theJapan Anime 2022a release date has been revealed and the series should therefore be available on netflix from the June 18, 2022. Originally scheduled for release last year, the anime was delayed due to production issues.

I’Japan Anime 2022 ended yesterday, and as you can see there weren’t a lot of big announcements. We were basically treated to new trailers or new key visuals. Big franchises, like Hunter x Hunter and dragonball, were particularly awaited by fans, but ultimately did not lead to any announcement. In France, the next big event dedicated to Japanese culture should be JapanExposcheduled for July 14-17.