Animeland #238, available on newsstands, April 14, 2022

Since yesterday, you can find the 238th issue of the magazine animeland in your kiosks and newsagents.

Still offered at the price of , this issue breaks the rule and does not feature Japanese animation on its cover, but the American-French animated series Arcane, from the League of Legends universe. You can also buy the issue on the magazine shop, at this address.

Arcane Folder
Riot Games strategy
Back to Arcane
Fortiche Production Studio Tour
Interview with Pascal Charrue
Games adapted into anime
French animation for adults
And tomorrow ?

Interview with Masashi Ando
Interview with Pierre Perifel
Interview with Isabelle Volpé
Interview with Shiro Kuroi
Interview with Romain Regnier
Interview with Nakaba Suzuki
Interview with Fedoua Lamodière
Interview with Yann Labasque

Heroic Fantasy, landmark in Japanese animation

We saw
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean
My Dress-Up Darling
demon slayer season 2
Attack on titan season finale part 2
The Requiem of the King of Roses
Super Crooks
Faraway Paladin
Our youth in orbit
My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission
The Cuphead Show
The Bad Guys
Red alert

It would make a good anime!
Love Fragrance
engagement criminals
For the worst
Lone Wolf & Cub
The Dance of the Sun and the Moon
Manchuria Opium Squad
Dai Dark
Saturn Return
Kowloon Generic Romance
The Devil of the gods
Goodnight I love you
The Hungry
Qing Opera
Android Type One
Sakamoto Days
Banana Sioule

Portrait of
masashi sando

Japan Expo South 2022

Close your eyes
K-pop in anime

Frank Olivier
Marie-Noelle Neveu
Keiko Nobumoto

studio session
Shin Ei Animation

once upon a time
Travel Oregon

figure of pro
Mounia Aram

Pui Pui Molcar

once upon a time
Yatta, Acura!

We read
Mamoru Oshii: encounter(s)