Animes not to be missed in November

Monster hunting, science fiction or initiation journey: anime lovers will be spoiled this month.

Netflix, Disney and soon Marvel: they all get into the production and distribution of anime. Increasingly popular, these animated works from Japan now allow studios to be exported around the world and some even manage to generate millions of views. After the October selection, it’s time for the November selection.

Demon Slayer : Kimetsu No Yes (season 1), November 1 on Netflix

Adapted from the manga by Koyoharu Gotouge, the anime allows us to follow the adventures of Tanjirō Kamado, residing in twentieth-century Japan. He led a peaceful life until his family were slaughtered during his absence. Only his little sister Nezuko survived but the latter turned into a demon. Tanjirō will then begin a long journey to find a remedy so that she finds her human form. Five years after the manga launched in February 2016, the franchise has already grossed more than $ 2.6 billion in Japan alone. In addition to the manga and the animated series, the film Demon Slayer: Infinity Train It has also garnered a lot of talk as it literally hit the global box office, becoming the highest-grossing Japanese animated film of all time with $ 399.33 million worldwide.

Arcane, November 7 on Netflix

League of Legends is one of the most cult titles in video game history and its popularity has not waned over the years. In 2021, it is estimated that 115 million players are still very active. Wishing to take advantage of this colossal success, Riot Games unveiled several months ago its desire to interfere in the cinematographic field by building a cross-media universe inspired by the Marvel cinematic universe. If a live-action film is in the works, it is first via the small screen that the world of the famous MOBA is about to launch this League of Legends Universe.

The result of a collaboration between Riot and the French studio Fortiche Prod., The series Arcane will be divided into three acts. Each consists of three 40-minute episodes which will be broadcast at the rate of one per week. The plot centers on the Zaun and Piltover twins. Despite their differences, harmony is there. Especially since Hextech technologies have managed, in the meantime, to master the magic of the blue crystal. Nevertheless, a threat will suddenly sow discord in the world of Runeterra.

Sakugan, November 18 on Crunchyroll

In the distant future, humanity lives crammed into cramped rock-cut colonies, a world called the labyrinth. Those who come out of these areas, the Markers, expose themselves to an unknown world full of dangers. Little Memempu begs her father, Gagumber, to become a Marker in order to track down her missing mother. He ends up accepting and forms, with his daughter, a curious team to explore the labyrinth.

Violet Evergarden: The Movie , November 19 on Netflix

More than a year after its release in Japanese theaters, the film Violet Evergarden : The Movie, continuation and end of the animated series Violet Evergarden, finally arrives in France in streaming. While the war has been over for several years now, the daily life of the population is gradually being modified by the development of new technologies. Violet, deep inside, is convinced that Major Gilbert Bougainvillea is still alive, and she never stops thinking about him. The young woman is finally called for work and goes to meet her new client: a boy named Julis. At the same time, when she has just left, an unknown letter is found at the postal warehouse.

Edens Zero (season 1, part 2), November 24 on Netflix

New series from mangaka Hiro Mashima (Fairy Tail, Rave), Edens Zero landed on Netflix last August with a first part consisting of twelve episodes. For this end of the year, the platform at the big N gives an appointment to fans on November 24 to discover the last thirteen episodes of season 1. Published in Japan in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Magazine, the manga is still in progress and sixteen volumes are currently available in France from Pika editions. Combining fantasy and the galactic universe, this shōnen follows the adventure of Shiki, a young boy who has always lived on the uninhabited planet of Granbell among robots. His meeting with Rebecca and her pet cat Happy will mark the starting point of a journey through space.

The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat, November 24 on Crunchyroll

The world’s greatest killer has reincarnated as the eldest son of a family of aristocratic assassins. But the goddess who granted him this status asks him for a service in exchange: ” Kill the hero announced as the destroyer of his world“. With his knowledge, his modern day experience and the magic he discovers, he may well become the most invincible assassin of all time. What reassure him to carry out this mission.

The Faraway Paladin , November 27 on Crunchyroll

In a ruined city, far from human civilization, lives the only human child: Will. The latter was raised by three undead: Blood, the heroic skeleton warrior, Mary, the mummy priestess, and Gus, the grumpy ghost wizard. All three teach the young boy their knowledge and offer him all their affection. One day, Will begins to wonder what he is, but discovers that each of the undead who accompanies him has a secret. However, he begins a journey with them and becomes a paladin.

Super Crooks , November 25 on Netflix

The story centers on the supervillain Johnny Bolt and his friends. As the competition for the profession becomes increasingly fierce, Johnny and his friends decide to go to Spain to prepare a huge heist. However, things get complicated when he finds out that the target is actually the greatest criminal of all time. At a time when superheroes are more popular than ever, Netflix is ​​choosing to ride this trend, this time focusing on the villains. Behind this work, we find a great regular in comics, Mark Millar, to whom we owe in particular Kick-Ass, Civil War or Kingsman. Subscribers had already been able to discover Millar’s work at the start of the year with Jupiter’s Legacy, but Netflix chose not to renew the show last May. It remains to be seen whether Super Crooks will have a better fate.