Astasia Dream is Nezuko possessed in a cute Demon Slayer cosplay

Although it’s been a while since the second season of the anime ended. demon slayerfan arts and cosplays of their most popular characters and most memorable moments continue to emerge, such as the one where we saw Nezuko possessed with a horn on her head. Astasia Dream he cosplayed this version, but the result was a little cuter.

Generally Nezuko is a cute and calm character but when she is forced to use her demonic power she becomes a real threat, especially when we saw her in her berserk version with a horn on her head. Although Astasia Dream cosplayed this version, the look she gives of herself is far from menacing.

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When Nezuko transforms into her demon-possessed version in Kimetsu no Yaiba we can notice that the effects of the demonic blood are reflected in her body, especially in the veins of her face, arms and neck. However, Astasia Dream’s cosplay chose to ignore this to present a prettier version of the character.

The leaves that adorn Nezuko’s demon-possessed body are still present in Astasia Dream’s cosplay, as is the horn on her forehead, but otherwise Astasia Dream doesn’t look truly demon-possessed. Still, the photos were very well received by his followers and Demon Slayer fans alike.

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It should be clarified that this is not the first time that we see Astasia doing a Nezuko Kamado cosplay, because at the beginning of the year she showed us a version focused on fan service, which also had an incredibly positive reception among her followers and anime fans and sleeve.

On this occasion Astasia did not miss the opportunity and also shared a photo of Nezuko Kamado demonized with fanservice, as one of the photos published shows her undressing for a more provocative look, far from the dangerous version that we met in the anime and manga.

Despite the creative liberties she takes, Astasia Dream’s cosplays are very well received by fans of Demon Slayer anime and manga, so if you’re a fan of her style I recommend you visit her social networks to see what others characters he has played.