Attack on Titan: 7 anime to watch on Crunchyroll before the Final Season Part 3

news culture Attack on Titan: 7 anime to watch on Crunchyroll before the Final Season Part 3

Do you already miss Attack on Titan? While waiting for the conclusion of the final season, the JV editorial staff offers you a nice selection of 7 anime, just to kill time. Not thanking us is normal.


  • Demon Slayer
  • Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress
  • Parasyte
  • Platinum End
  • Terra Formars
  • The Promised Neverland
  • Tower of God

Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer was adapted in love by the Ufotable studio. The series is adapted from Koyoharu Gotouge’s manga which is very successful in Japan. We discover the epic of Tanjiro Kamado, a young boy living a simple existence in the snowy mountains of Japan. One day, while returning from the nearby town, Tanjiro discovers that his family has been massacred while he was away. Only Nezuko, her little sister, survives the attack. Unfortunately, Tanjiro notices his sister slowly turning into a demon. Our hero goes in search of a cure which will lead him to meet many characters including demon slayers.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is an animated series produced by Wit Studio (Attack on Titan, seasons 1,2 and 3). Released in 2016, it is based on the original work by Shiro Yoshida. This adaptation depicts a world where humanity is cloistered in great fortresses, the stations. And for good reason, the outside world is populated by Kabane, beings with a heart of steel who devour all the humans they meet. Ikoma is a young man who once fled from these monsters. Now an adult, he is determined to put an end to the reign of the Kabane.


We continue our momentum with Parasyte ! The anime aired between 2014 and 2015, and is adapted from the work of Hitoshi Iwaaki. We follow the life of Shinchi who sees his existence change completely. Indeed, mysterious parasites have appeared all over the country, creatures that have only one goal… to take the place of humans. Shinichi is an ordinary high school student who comes under attack from one of these parasites. While one of them tries to infiltrate his nose while he sleeps, the young man manages in extremis to stop the invader. The parasite finds itself forced to merge with the hand of the young high school student.

Platinum End

Author Tasugumi Oba and illustrator Takeshi Obata offer us Platinum End, airing since 2021. The anime series is supported by Signal.MD (Mars Red) studio. Platinum End tells us about the life of Mirai Kakehashi, a depressed student who tries to commit suicide. By taking action, he meets Nasse, an angel who entrusts him with powers. Wings to move quickly unnoticed, a red arrow to make anyone hit fall in love with it, and a white arrow to kill. The angel reveals something else to him. Her uncle and aunt turn out to be responsible for killing Mirai’s parents in an attempt to collect the inheritance money. Mirai also learns that God’s place will be available in exactly 999 days. The competition has only just begun

Terra Formars

Terra Formars is a seinen written by Yu Sasuga and drawn by Kenichi Tachibana. It is the Liden Films studio which supports this animated adaptation released in 2014. Humanity having the goal of colonizing the red planet, great means have been put in place to ensure that the atmosphere is livable for the humans. In order to make this possible, the scientists decided to cover part of the mars with lichens and cockroaches in order to absorb the sunlight. In 2577, the project ends. A reconnaissance team is therefore sent to Mars to see if the plan worked. Unfortunately, the cockroaches evolved into a humanoid race with immense strength, overwhelming all of the crew members. Years later, in 2599, several people are sent to Mars again to clean up.

Attack on Titan: 7 anime to watch on Crunchyroll before the Final Season Part 3

The Promised Neverland

Illustrated by Posuka Demizu and scripted by Kaiu Shirai, The Promised Neverland is a manga adapted into an animated series by CloverWorks. Released in 2019, the anime tells us about the lives of several orphans. Emma, ​​Norman and Ray, are three children living in Grace Field, an orphanage bordered by large green plains. Alongside many other children, our three protagonists will be educated by Isabella, a “mother” who held the role of governess at the orphanage. One fine day, when Norman learns that he is going to be adopted, Emma is going to make a terrible discovery.

Tower of God

To end this selection in style, let’s look at the adaptation of a Korean work! Tower of God an anime taken from the webtoon of the same name and released in 2020. The series immerses us in a strange world overlooked by a gigantic tower that can only be traversed by those who are “chosen”. These elected officials are called “Regulars”. It is said that whoever reaches the top of the tower will be able to grant whatever wish he wishes. One day, an “irregular” young boy, who is not allowed to enter the tower, tries to enter the building in order to find Rachel, a relative who has recently disappeared.

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