Attack on Titan: big controversy around the products of the final season

While final season from animation series Shingeki no Kyojin, aka The attack of the Titans, is fast approaching and fans are eager to contemplate the denouement of this series having started more than eight years ago now, a recent controversy came to cast shame on the series of study MAP.

a questionable choice

The attack of the Titans suit the story of Eren Jäger, joining the army to fight the titans, gigantic humanoids who attack and devour humans. Mahr is a great empire introduced late in the series, where rulers wear a red armband and require non-Mahr citizens to wear yellow armbands with a nine-pointed star, which is reminiscent of how the Nazis forced Jews to wear a Star of David during WWII.

With the coming of the last season, promotional products had emerged, including the yellow armband worn by the inhabitants of Mahr. But these armbands were almost immediately withdrawn following the controversy highlighting the racist connotations they contained.

The official Twitter account announced that Mahr’s controversial armband would be immediately withdrawn from sale, after being announced earlier this week, following outcry from fans over the connotations associated with the product. The armband was originally meant to replicate the appearance of the characters in the series, but has quickly considered unappreciated due to its assimilation to a form of political repression. A public apology was issued for this merchandise which was perceived to be offensive.

Attack on Titan The Final Season Production Committee cancels the Armband product that was announced yesterday and apologies.

November 15, 2021

Regarding the armband whose order began on November 14

The product is produced as a product that reproduces the costume of the character appearing in the work. However, the latter are portrayed as a symbol of racial and ethnic discrimination. We recognize a lack of consideration of us for its commercialization, which we deeply regret.

The production committee of Attack on Titan does not intend to endorse any form of discrimination. Therefore, orders and sales of the product will be canceled as of this November 15th.

To those who have already ordered the products in question, as well as to all Attack on Titan fans, I offer my deepest apologies. We will make sure to be more vigilant in the future.

Attack on Titan big controversy around the products of the

a work that has become a classic

The attack of the Titans to serve as starting point for anime in western culture, by making a whole generation aware of contemporary animes. Its popularity has led to the explosion of simulcast platforms like Crunchyroll or Wakanim, encouraging international marketing and licensing opportunities.

It also paved the way for other anime afterwards., like My Hero Academia for example, thus allowing animes to truly anchor themselves in western popular culture. In a way, it’s partly thanks to the success from The attack of the Titans that we were lucky enough to have Demon Slayer: Infinity Train in theaters, which became the highest grossing film of 2020.

And with the second part of the final season of The attack of the Titans, scheduled for January 2022, fans are eager to see how the anime will end, the eponymous manga on which the series is based having already been completed since April of this year. The manga then inspired the anime, which has aired 75 episodes so far, but also video games, a live-action film as well as a series of light novels, even appearing in some games quite unexpected.