Attack on Titan: what if the final season wasn’t really the end?

A few days before the broadcast of the grand finale of the final season of the animated series, insistent rumors of an “Attack on Titan” movie are agitating social networks.

On April 3, Attack on Titan fans are supposed to discover the final episode of the animated series available in France on Wakanim and Crunchyroll (and every Wednesday on the Mangas channel). However, will the final season really adapt Hajime Isayama’s manga phenomenon (available from Pika editions) to completion? Nothing is less sure…

Debate is hardly permitted: the end of the comic strip cannot be condensed into a single episode. Therefore, like the first part of season 4, an announcement could take place on April 3 after the broadcast of the final episode to announce in what form the conclusion of the anime will take: idea of ​​a feature film then seems obvious.

The recent successes in France of the films Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen have proven it to us: it is now quite possible to build audience loyalty around a franchise, and the links between an animated series and feature films are now narrower than ever. Therefore, to offer a denouement at the height of the enthusiasm aroused by the franchise, what better conclusion than a film offered on the big screen?

We will have to be patient for a few more days before we hope that an Attack on Titan film will be made official. But there is no doubt that such a feature film would benefit from an aura sufficient to generate a very large number of admissions, like for example Demon Slayer: The Infinity Train, the biggest success of all time in the Japanese box office (all films combined!) and in the top 10 of the biggest successes of Japanese animation in France!