Attack on Titans: season 4 of the anime will not be the real end, a film to be expected?

news culture Attack on Titans: season 4 of the anime will not be the real end, a film to be expected?

Monument of Japanese animation of the last ten years, the anime Attack on Titan is about to come to an end… or almost. This is what some rumors seem to suggest, since the animated series would not go to the end of the manga.


  • Season 4 should not cover the whole manga
  • An epilogue film for the conclusion?

Season 4 should not cover the whole manga

Currently airing, part 2 of season 4 of the anime The attack of the Titans was synonymous with the end of the series. However, this could not be the case: this second part, consisting of twelve episodes, is not large enough to cover the manga. The latter, whose publication ended on June 09, 2021 in Japan with volume 34, ended with the 139th chapter. However, it would have been confirmed that it is chapter 130 which should conclude the animated saga:

An epilogue film for the conclusion?

The poster for this final season.

If the rumor were to be confirmed, there would then remain 9 chapters (2 volumes) to cover to put a real end to the animated adaptation, the last episode of which has been postponed. In this regard, it was the recent postponement that sparked some rumors about the end of the anime: fans were already wondering about the way Mappa, the animation studio, used to cover the end of the volume. And inevitably, many members of the community hope to have a film. An idea justified by the fact that such a format can cover the rest, but also that it is one of the privileged tools of the industry at the moment: Demon Slayer used it for the arc of the Infinity Trainwhile it is Jujutsu Kaisen who uses him to tell the original story of his universe with Jujutsu Kaisen 0. And given the figures published following their release in Japan, it’s hard to blame them: the first shattered all records at the Japanese box office, even surpassing Spirited away by Miyazaki. The second does not do as well but can be proud of it, with an entry in the top 10 of the best Japanese animated films.

If such a turn of events is desirable, we should not get too carried away for the moment since no official communication on this subject has been made. You just have to wait patiently for the end of the anime with the broadcast, every Sunday on Crunchyroll, of the last episodes of season 4. The last is expected on April 3rd. For those in a hurry, we will simply advise them to set their sights on the mangas: they have also all been released in France, and a reissue “colossal” is being published.

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