Avatar 2: you will never find the common point between Jake Sully, Superman, Batman and Thor!

Released in theaters on December 14, Avatar 2 has a connection point between Superman, Batman, Thor, and even Elendil from the Rings of Power! Do you know which one?

So what do Jake Sully, Superman, Batman, Thor or Elendil from Lord of the Rings have in common? This is his French voice, the actor Adrien Antoine! On the occasion of the release of Avatar: La Voie de l’eau, Voix Ouf, the program devoted to French dubbing, met the actor who lends his voice to all these emblematic characters.

In the video above, Adrien Antoine looks back on his outstanding roles and plays our dubbing concept. And to go further in the voxography of the artist, the actor participated in our podcast, in which he reveals the secrets of his memorable dubbings.

On his list, a whole bunch of internationally renowned actors: Henry Cavill, Chris Hemsworth or Sam Worthington. He is also Batman in animation, Rengoku from Demon Slayer, Elendil from the Rings of Power or the great Archer from the series of the same name.

Of course, Adrien Antoine has returned by once again lending his voice to Jake Sully, hero of the Avatar saga, in La Voie de l’eau (in theaters on December 14).

As a reminder, the film takes place more than a decade after the events chronicled in the first film. The story tells the story of the members of the Sully family (Jake, Neytiri and their children), the trials they face, the paths they must take to protect each other, the battles they must fight. to stay alive and the tragedies they endure.

Voix Ouf is prepared and hosted by Vincent Formica

Dubbing experts: Manon Maroufi and Thomas Imbert

Recording and editing: Raphaël Garcia

Mixing and dressing: Ando Raminoson

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