Belfort. Unusual characters at the end of the book fair

At 9 years old, Léonie Chamberlain is the youngest of the 1er contest of cosplay organized by the book fair. “We did not expect to have children”, slip the organizers aside, first surprised by the phenomenon.

“This is our first competition. I was afraid of having forgotten some accessories »

Léonie did not come alone. She embarked her mother, Ophélie Manaranche, from Fontaine. “I haven’t slept all night, it’s our first competition. It’s a little scary and I was afraid of having forgotten some accessories, ”she says.

It’s a bit by chance that they discovered this hobby which consists of getting into the skin of a character, usually from a manga or a video game. “During a geek convention in Mulhouse, behind me was a young girl dressed as Nezuko Kamado. I found the costume beautiful and then I searched and read the manga,” says Ophélie. Logically, it is this costume that she chose to wear.

Léonie was inspired by the same manga, demon slayer , playing the role of Shinobu Kocho. “The manga tells the story of a child who has lost his parents and wants to become hokage, the village chief,” says the little girl. “Shinobu is one of the mainstays of the Demon Slayers, while Nezuko is a kind demon. We put a bamboo stick in his mouth to prevent him from biting,” says his mother.

17 manga at 9 years old

Mangas are the opposite of our books: they are read from the end to the beginning, from right to left and are in black and white. Not enough to discourage Léonie, who already has 17 at home. “You just have to get used to it. I like stories, ”she confides, immediately adding. “I don’t want to be the Snow Queen anymore!” », a bit rebellious, like Deadly Adele whose comics she devours. “But deep down, she’s a princess…”, whispers her mother.

This “common passion” for cosplay has only just begun. Mother and daughter plan to participate in the next necronomi’con. “Until then, we will improve our costumes, add accessories…”

Like them, there were about ten of them to get caught up in the game on Sunday and to respond to the invitation to the book fair. “We were well helped by Marianne Delunsch, who holds the Kissa Sanctuary tea room and the Storm troopers of the 21st”, confides Fabien Jacob, member of the jury. “The choice was difficult, some costumes were really impressive. We got plenty of tips to improve next year’s edition by fixing the bugs. It will probably be necessary to offer two prices, child and adult! “, he concludes.