Best Heroes of Lords Mobile

When you first start out in Lords Mobile, you will only have a choice of two heroes. Heroes are the leaders of your raid party, and they bring unique abilities and spells to help your team breeze through enemy waves with ease. As you progress through the game and gain resources, you’ll have to decide which heroes to upgrade. This can be tricky, with such a long list of heroes to unlock and upgrade.

Different heroes have certain different roles to fill when jumping into the fray, and combining their unique abilities with each other wisely will greatly benefit your team. With limited resources on hand, trying to level up every hero can be a difficult process. Of the 22 free heroes you can choose from, here are the top five to unlock and upgrade in Lords Mobile.


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If you want to burn your enemies to ashes, Incinerator is the hero you are looking for. She deals massive AoE damage to enemy waves and also has good crowd control potential, thanks to her stunning ability. She also has great use in Colosseum matches. In order to inflict maximum damage without interruption, place her at center back in the lineup.


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Trickster is the only free-to-play hero that comes with Research Boost. Thanks to this characteristic, he is one of the favorite heroes of casual and competitive players. His attacks deal tons of damage to enemies, leaving them with reduced attack damage and disarming them for a few seconds. It is advisable to upgrade it to gold as soon as possible to capitalize on its 25% research boost.

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Child of Light

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Child of Light is one of the best force heroes in the game and is leading the charge head-on. She deals heavy damage and incredible crowd control, with a stun ability that incapacitates enemies for five seconds. His attacks also reduce the enemy’s magic defenses for a short time. To get the most out of this ability, pair it with a hero that deals magic attacks.

demon slayer

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As one of the best assassins in the game, Demon Slayer is powerful in dealing heavy amounts of damage to the opposing team’s backline. He is also adept at absorbing a lot of damage, thanks to his high magic defense. Having the Demon Slayer on your team will increase your infantry health by 50% and attack damage by 30%, making it a solid pick for Colosseum battles.

Pink Knight

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As one of the most common picks for almost any Lord Mobile team comp, it’s no surprise that Rose Knight is among the best. She’s a very complete heroine, with a decent mix of attack, defense and healing. At the start of each turn, she will cast a shield, defending her allies from all incoming attacks for eight seconds. With her attack, she can also stun enemies. For her unique abilities, she is also a go-to for Colosseum fights.

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