Best sellers: pocket books on the road to vacation

Neck and neck with Grimaldi, we find Guillaume Musso and his Skidamarink which sold 10,064 copies for its 19th week on bookstore tables. Kohei Horikoshi closes the top 5 with volume 33 of My Hero Academia, #the next (9907 copies).

ANALYSIS: “The pocket mechanically drives up the price of the large format”

Between two manga, we (re)discover the first opus of Blackwater: the epic saga of the Caskey family, titled Flood which gains 13 places (9816 ex.). The latter camps in front of the last volume of the series Demon Slayer (9569 copies) and the chilling thriller by Franck Thilliez, 1991 (9081 copies).

Finally, behind, but not forgotten, the holiday notebooks Passport and nathan holiday show their endurance by closing the top 10 and occupying the classification from 9th to 13th place.

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Photo credits: Hatice Yardım / Unsplash