Billy Kametz, a voice actor from The Rising of the Shield Hero has cancer

When we refer to the world of anime, we always tend to be obsessed with the protagonists. However, we must not forget that there is a whole staff behind and the voice actors occupy an important place. These men and women lend their voices to your favorite characters. And over time, their voices are no longer dissociated from anime heroes.

Credits: Kinema Citrus

Today the focus will be on the voice actor Billy Kametz who is going through difficult times.

Bad news for Billy Kametz

Billy Kametz’s state of health has been worrying for some time now. The voice actor finally revealed in a recent video his situation. In particular, he confirmed that he was diagnosed with colon cancer which is at stage 4. Due to these difficulties he is going through, Kametz has decided to take a break from his voice acting career.

Kametz also revealed that his condition started deteriorating about 2 months ago. Since then, he had suffered pain in his shoulder and even had difficulty eating. Following his cancer diagnosis, Kametz began chemo. In addition to taking a break from his job, he also made the decision to move. Kametz wants to be with his family while undergoing his treatment.

Some striking dubs of Kametz

Kametz’s health is now his priority and he has no choice but to put aside his work. He will therefore stop lending his voice to the main character of The Rising of the Shield Hero, Naofumi Iwatani. It should be noted that season 2 of the anime series is currently airing.

Apart from this character, Kametz also occupies the role of Josuke Higashikata, the hero of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable. He also lends his voice for the character of Rui in the very popular Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. We can also add to the list the role of Galo Thymos in the anime Promare.

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