Bleach: 10 anime characters Ichigo would be friends with

The shonen star ofBleach is Ichigo Kurosaki, who fits the antihero mold with his punk demeanor, tough boy attitude, and fierce desire to protect all of his friends and family from harm. Ichigo is a bit lonely at times and is adamant about solving all his problems on his own, but he understands the value of friendship. You have a social circle to call your own.

Ichigo’s liking for friends can reveal a lot about him, such as his best friend Chad, who is a tough, responsible, and honorable guy, as well as Orihime, who is goofy but intensely loyal and true to herself. And of course there is also Rukia Kuchiki. It’s clear that Ichigo prefers friends who are smart, tough, and honorable like him, and with that in mind, Ichigo would befriend some characters from other anime.

10 Shikamaru Nara is cool and smart, like Ichigo (Naruto)

Shikamaru has a reputation for being a lazy and eccentric genius, but he has a great sense of responsibility and honor when the stakes are high. Shikamaru is perfectly capable of making friends, like his childhood friend Choji Akimichi, and over time he also became friends with Naruto Uzumaki. He does not mind having company.

If Ichigo and Shikamaru knew each other, apart from laziness, they would see a lot of themselves in each other, including their distant personalities and a strong sense of loyalty and responsibility towards their friends. They take themselves and their duty seriously, and will put on a confident smile when their friends need a morale boost.

9 Itsuka Kendo looks a lot like Ichigo (My Hero Academia)1629536450 439 Bleach 10 anime characters Ichigo would be friends with.webp

In general, Ichigo prefers to befriend people who act and think like him, although small differences are not a problem. IchigoI would be impressed if I met Itsuka Kendo of class 1-B ofMy Hero Academia and he would see a lot of himself in her.

Like Ichigo, Itsuka is kind but tough, and is just as likely to scold her allies as her enemies if necessary. Itsuka is a fearless heroine who has little patience with mindless antics, and she and Ichigo would agree on many issues. Also, they are both skilled martial artists.

8 Ichigo would admire Alphonse Elric’s determination and sense of honor (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)1629536450 149 Bleach 10 anime characters Ichigo would be friends with.webp

Although Alphonse Elric has a much softer personality than Ichigo’s and tends to play dumb more, he and Ichigo would get along well if they got to know each other in some way. Alphonse, like Ichigo, is a fearless and selfless fighter who cannot bear to see his friends or even innocent strangers suffer harm. No one deserves to suffer, Alphonse would say.

Aside from kicking bullies in the face, Ichigo has a similar mindset, and Ichigo would deeply respect Alphonse’s determination to fight evil and stand up for what is right despite great difficulties. Alphonse has a good heart and a lot of courage, qualities that Ichigo needs in a true friend.

7 Ichigo would also be seen in Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)1629536450 719 Bleach 10 anime characters Ichigo would be friends with.webp

Ichigo, Itsuka Kendo, and swordswoman Erza Scarlet are very much alike to each other, and they would all be good friends if they ever crossed paths. Erza suffered greatly in her childhood in Fairy TailBut his suffering never broke his spirit or corrupted his heart. Fight hard so that no one else goes through the same thing as her.

Erza is a tough, disciplined person who puts duty and honor first, and she’s not afraid of hitting some heads either. Erza is the older sister that everyone needs to protect themselves from harm, and Ichigo would respect her deeply. They would hit it off right away.

6 Kyoko Hori is smart and kind (Horimiya)1629536450 888 Bleach 10 anime characters Ichigo would be friends with.webp

Ichigo would easily become friends with guys like older sister or older brother, as they have a similar world view to Ichigo and know what his life experience is like. In addition to Erza and Itsuka, Ichigo would become friends with Kyoko Hori, one of the protagonists of Horimiya, plus Izumi Miyamura.

Kyoko is kind, outgoing, and popular at school, but there is something else. She is also a diligent student and a loving older sister at home, and has a generous heart, but does not tolerate any antics or foolishness from others, not even from her boyfriend. She and Ichigo have too much in common not to forge a friendship.

5 Ryuji Takasu is generous and humble (Toradora!)1629536450 359 Bleach 10 anime characters Ichigo would be friends with.webp

Ryuji Takasu, de Toradora! Ryuji Takasu looks like Ichigo on the outside, as he is a tough high school boy with a stern expression and a formidable reputation. However, while Ichigo has wanted to build a reputation for being cool, Ryuji’s reputation for intimidation is an accident. It only has one appearance scary; he is actually kind and gentle.

Ryuji is self-confident and smart, and he’s also quite responsible and will do anything for his friends and family, almost to the extreme. Ichigo can respect that, and based on his friendship with Orihime, he is drawn to kind and selfless people.

4 Tanjiro Kamado is easy to carry (Demon Slayer)1629536451 21 Bleach 10 anime characters Ichigo would be friends with.webp

Some shonen protagonists would not attract Ichigo as potential friends as they are too rowdy and goofy, and characters like Naruto or Luffy would annoy Ichigo to the extreme. But Tanjiro Kamado, the new demon hunter, is different.

Tanjiro gets nervous when Zenitsu Agatsuma or Inosuke Hashibira misbehave, but otherwise Tanjiro is a kind, mature and humble person who lets his actions speak for themselves. Ichigo can respect that, and the two boys also know what it’s like to hunt monsters as swordsmen.

3 Ichika Nakano is empathetic and hardworking (the quintessential quintuplets)1629536451 625 Bleach 10 anime characters Ichigo would be friends with.webp

All five Nakano sisters are quintuplets and the same age, but Ichika Nakano is technically the oldest, and she strives to be the ideal older sister for the other four. He is very responsible and takes pride in his work, and will always be aware of his four sisters, no matter what happens.

Also, Ichika is a mature and kind person who can easily empathize with others and understand their emotional state. All of this makes it easy to get along with her, and Ichigo would appreciate Ichika’s older sister personality. She is a hero, but without the sword that cuts the soul.

2 Yuki Sohma, like Ichigo, is reserved but strong (Fruits Basket)1629536451 74 Bleach 10 anime characters Ichigo would be friends with.webp

Yuki Sohma has more in common with Ichigo than not. They are both serious and aloof people who have little patience for wild antics, striving to be normal students and hardworking while hiding their special powers from everyone else. Along the Fruits BasketYuki just wants to be normal, and Ichigo can understand that.

Yuki and Ichigo would avoid each other at first, but if Ichigo saved Yuki from bullies, for example, the two would become friends right away. Perhaps some thugs were jealous of Yuki’s enormous popularity, and Ichigo would come to his defense. Then they would become best friends and watch each other’s backs, like Ichigo and Chad do.

1 Judeau is cool and smart, like Ichigo (Berserk)1629536451 408 Bleach 10 anime characters Ichigo would be friends with.webp

Judeau is a minor character in the general history of Berserk, but he made a good impression during the Golden Age story arc, when Guts fought him in the mercenary army of the Gang of the Falcon. Unlike the mean Corkus or the arrogant Griffith, Judeau is smart, cold and down to earth, which means he has a good head on his shoulders.

Ichigo has similar qualities, and he would be impressed if he and Judeau fought some battles together against the Tudor army or other enemies. Judeau is a kind but tough guy who can make friends and connect with others with ease, and Ichigo would trust him as a vital ally and companion in war.