‘Blue Lock’: Will it displace the ‘Superchamps’ as the favorite soccer anime?

While ‘Supercampeones’ continues its legacy at a very slow pace, the new pambolera adventure ‘Blue Lock’ will arrive in 2022 with the intention of resuming the fervor for the stories dedicated to football and the spectacular shots on goal. Check what it is about.

The 2018 World Cup in Russia not only left the Mexicans disappointed after being eliminated by Brazil, the Japanese had the same bitter drink in the fourth game when they were sent home by Belgium, the difference is that the writer Muneyuki Kaneshiro immediately found a trigger to create the Blue Lock story., the new pambolera adventure that will be adapted by the 8-Bit studio to anime and that threatens in 2022 to take the place or try to match the popularity of the Supercampeones.

A mission that seems difficult, but to which the benefit of the doubt is owed, especially after having recommendation and fanaticism of Hajime Isayama, nothing more and nothing less than the creator of Attack on Titan, by the way, about to reach the end next winter, a faithful reader of the manga since its publication began on August 1, 2018, a way to heal the pain of seeing the Japanese soccer team return to home and at the same time prepare for a rematch in Qatar 2022.

The cool, as the genre of anime dedicated to sports is called, shows how the Japanese soccer federation recruits a group of high school students and talented with the ball to subject them to a special preparation to be able to arrive strong at the next World Cup event in the middle East. What does it consist of? More of 300 prospects to forwards are confined in an institution called Blue Lock, where they carry out a rigorous training program to create the most fearsome scorer in the whole country and, why not, the whole world.

The Oliver Atom (Tsubasa Ozora for purists) in this story is called Isagi Yoichi, a striker who stays on the road to reaching the finals of the national preparatory level for showing collectivity on the field by passing a ball, with a clear goal-scoring opportunity in his boots, to a teammate who ends up crashing it on the post, causing a counterattack from the opposing eleven that ends the score with a 2-0 and decrees the fall from Ichihan College.

Blue Lock Will it displace the Superchamps as the favorite

It will be released next year prior to the Qatar World Cup

So far the manga has had 141 volumes published weekly in Weekly Shonen Magazine, also home to Hajime no Ippo, To Your Eternity and Tokyo Revengers, and was recently honored with a popular award as the best shonen anime of the current year in all. Japan, it is not for nothing that more than 4.5 million copies that have been put into circulation due to the high demand of young Japanese, in addition to having editions in English and French for the United States and France, consecutively.

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It remains to be seen if Panini is encouraged to bring it to Mexico, one of the most soccer-loving countries on the continent, without forgetting the Argentines and Brazilians, but while it happens or not, Bandai Namco and Kodansha already released the anime’s first one-minute teaser Blue Lock, drawing attention to the 2D animation technique, the cannon shots with enormous force, as in Super champions; and the appearance of prospects recruited to the high-performance academy. And if you find any aesthetics similar to Attack on Titan it is because the cartoonist is Yusuke Nomura, who was an assistant to the author of Eren Jaeger and company, is behind the lines.

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Yoichi Isagi is the protagonist of this anime

Although no exit date from the program has been given, it is presumed that heProducers are targeting a release sticking to Qatar 2022, whose opening match will be called on November 21. Another of the theories is that they will take advantage of the previous fever and the qualifying of the Asian Football Confederation, where Japan belongs and whose qualification would be decreed at the end of March next year, having the maximum attention of all the football fans of the country of the rising sun euphoric by their national squad and attentive to the weekly premieres of the first season. Both times would be perfect, since popular animations such as My Hero Academia and Demon Slayer, a couple of spoiled among otaku and that steal the headlines, would already be on hiatus.