Brandy celebrated Christmas in a beautiful cosplay of Elizabeth from Seven Deadly Sins

In recent weeks we have seen many Christmas cosplays inspired by the works of comics, video games, anime and manga most popular of the year, but there are some that we saw a few years ago and they are still relevant. Its about cosplay christmas of Elizabeth Liones What did brandywinebecause recently the story of the anime and manga of seven deadly sins.

Elizabeth Liones’ Christmas cosplay has become a tradition for Brandy, as she has been showing off photos from this session for several years now. This cosplay comes just in time because a week ago an anime movie of The Seven Deadly Sins was released on Netflix, which is called The Grudge of Edinburg and is a continuation of the original story.

We first saw Brandywine cosplaying Elizabeth Lioness in a Santa outfit on Christmas Eve 2018, when she shared a couple of photos in her new Christmassy look. Since then Brandy has shared images of her Christmas shoot and has brought joy to both her followers and The Seven Deadly Sins fans, with the latest being posted on Christmas Eve.

To date Brandy has made hundreds of different cosplays of ever better quality, as she began to transform into her favorite fictional characters since early 2016. In these almost seven years Brandy has become a professional cosplayer and Elizabeth’s Christmas cosplay is among the best he has ever done. Of course, since the beginning of her she has done tributes to The Seven Deadly Sins and has become several of her characters, but none suited her as well as Elizabeth in a Santa suit.

We’re about to say goodbye to the year, so Brandy is a long way from posting photos of her Elizabeth Liones Christmas cosplay again. Still, we hope Brandywine decides to do a new Elizabeth cosplay to celebrate the recent release of The Seven Deadly Sins: The Grudge of Edinburh.

If you liked Brandy’s Christmas cosplay, I recommend that you take a look at her profile, because this year she was very active and in her history we see very attractive costumes of her favorite characters, such as Elizabeth from Seven Deadly Sins, Mitsuri Kanroji from Demon Slayer and Mt. Lady from My Hero Academia.