Camila Lombardo: between fiction and reality | The Journal of the Republic

When she was a girl, Camila Lombardo was interested in two things: theater and music. She always liked to dress up, sing and act, and her family was a fundamental support so that, little by little, the young woman could develop those skills. The first scenes that saw her were those of her school in her native province, Buenos Aires.

But the biggest opportunities came when, at age 15, he moved to St. Louis. Here she joined the geek community and began playing her favorite characters from anime and Disney movies. A few months ago, as part of that culture, she joined the permanent cast of “Frequency freak”, the successful Radio Lafinur program in which he talks about anime, series and movies.

Although it was very hard for the 19-year-old to leave the city of Quilmes and her friends, in San Luis it didn’t take her long to put her life together and find a place within her tastes. “It was difficult to leave, I had just celebrated my 15th birthday with my friends and it was like a farewell party. But I still knew that other doors were going to open. I found more opportunities when I moved; I began to sing in several places in Buenos Aires that I never imagined I could reach. Also, I found myself with more freedom to do a lot of things with cosplay and anime, and I started to open up a lot more; that made me very happy,” Camila recalled.

As the complete artist that she is, Camila, in addition to interpreting her favorite characters, designs and creates the costumes with which she performs. Among some of the series in which she is inspired to develop her performances are the anime “Naruto”, “Demon Slayer” and one of the protagonists of “Attack on Titan”, Hange Zoe.

“The little ones love it because they are their drawings, which they like very much. They see you dressed up and they get excited, it’s very fun and beautiful to receive all that love, “said the girl, who also plays Disney characters like Pocahontas and Elsa from “Frozen”, the characterization for which she wears her precious 15-year-old dress.

Every day Camila takes another step in her artistic career. In fact, a few weeks ago she recorded her first EP at the Casa de la Música, made up of two songs, one by The Clash, “Should I stay or should I go”, and “Se dice de mí”, the tango immortalized by Tita Merello and which has a recent version made by the Latin-American telenovela, “Betty in New York”.

“Also, we shot a video for The Clash’s song. I heard that song for the first time in the series “Stranger things” and I loved it, I felt that it was the right song because it goes very well with my punk rock style, “he said.

Lombardo’s next presentation will be at Villa Mercedes, at the Maniatic Fest, a meeting of fans of everything related to the geek world and anime that will take place on May 21. There, he will be a karaoke jury.

“I want to motivate people that if they do something, whatever it is, to go out and do it, because life is now and you never know what can happen or when the last day will be. I know it sounds pessimistic, but it is reality and it is what helps motivate us to move forward and follow through on our dreams,” he stated.