Chainsaw Man anime: release date, trailer, Netlfix or Crunchyroll streaming…

Javier Marso

The anime from the manga Chainsaw Man is indeed coming to our screens! We had to be patient but the first details promise a faithful adaptation!

Taken from the manga of the same name, Chainsaw Man will therefore be an anime and it has been eagerly awaited by fans since its announcement. However, the curious and the impatient will find the adaptation on the usual streaming services this year.

Chainsaw Man (animated): Season 1 release date

The only advanced date for the release of the first season of the anime is 2022with important rumors pointing to the end of the year to approach the Jump Festa event, a big convention for Japanese manga and anime news.

Other unofficial info, 2 seasons will be released at the same time. Indeed, the first part of the manga is now published but the sequel is still being written by Tatsuki Fujimoto, who today enjoys crazy popularity in Japan. Chainsaw Man is indeed in TOP 10 best-selling manga in 2021.

Rumors have it that the anime adaptation would therefore contain a first season out of the 11 volumes already released (97 chapters in all) which could be composed of 2 parts, as well as a season 2 in stride.

One thing is certain: the MAPPA studio has already got its hands on the project (Attack on Titan, Jujutsu Kaisen) and is currently working on it. But the MAPPA facilitators are also on IAttack on Titan Season 4 Part 3 Where Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 !

Scenario, synopsis and story of the anime Chainsaw Man

Will he follow the manga to the letter or will he take a little freedom? According to the rare announcements, it is indeed a faithful adaptation that the anime will be compared to the manga, using the same characters and the same plot.

As a reminder, the Chainsaw Man manga is a shonen that follows Denji, a poor young man who comes to work as a Devil Hunter in the Mafia. The universe of Chainsaw Man is indeed one where men rub shoulders with demons, but these are violent beings who sow death and destruction everywhere. So Denji, armed with ‘Pochita’, his chainsaw-demon dog, and works to pay off his father’s debts. But faced with the mafia to whom he gives all his money day after day, Denji does not measure up and the mafia boss betrays him. However, he manages to merge with Pochita and becomes a chainsaw man.. A unique power, he then uses it within the government, which recruits him to join a special unit that hunts down the most powerful demons in the world. In the middle of this intrigue that never skimps on blood, several love stories mingle, each with its share of twists and secrets.

There is no doubt that the anime will follow this bloody, very gory and violent adventure very closely in order to offer a unique and different graphic touch. Enough to place the anime in our list of the best anime of all time ?

Chainsaw Man animated: episodes and streaming, what we know

L’official announcement dates back to June 27, 2021during the event of the MAPPA studio which celebrated its 10th anniversary. The opportunity to present its novelties and therefore the new anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man, which did not surprise as the manga is popular. The anime series will be directed by Ryū Nakayama with writing and adaptation by Hiroshi Seko.

  • Are expected 8 episodes in the first season (subject to change) and internally, we would even speak of an inspiration of Demon Slayer whose story is finally quite close.

As for streaming and distribution platforms, the vagueness is still kept but it is almost certain that the animated adaptation of Chainsaw Man will be a Crunchyroll exclusive (and therefore Wakanim).

Netflix, unless surprised, should not have the series for a few months despite the enormous popularity of these programs. Indeed, 46% of the time spent on Netflix, overall, is on anime like One Piece, Castlevania, Bubble etc!

maybe Anime Digital Network will grab this exclusive, but nothing is confirmed yet.