Chainsaw Man Episode 12: Who is the character at the end?

Find out here who is the character that appears at the end of episode 12 of the Chainsaw Man anime.

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After several weeks and months, finally we have come to the conclusion of the chainsaw man anime, based on what we know so far. And, it is that, despite not being officially confirmed, it is practically certain that we are going to have a second season of this anime, since this first one has been a resounding success and the best of this work is yet to come.

In this final episode chapters 35 to 39 of the manga have been adapted, both inclusive, although partially. As MAPPA has accustomed us to in this anime, the adaptation has been quite faithful to the manga, and although nothing has been deleted, it does scenes have been added, and not exactly short. The original content of the anime has been a considerable part of the fight between Chainsaw Man and Samurai Sword, the entire ending, the moment in which Aki goes out on the terrace to smoke Himeno’s cigarette and the final scene, where we see for the first time to a mysterious character.

As for the other aspects, highlights the impressive work of the animators during the fight between Chainsaw Man and Samurai Swordcombining incredibly polished 3DCGI animation and fluid 2D animation, resulting in a sakuga unlike any other in anime.

Today we are here to talk mainly about the scene that concludes both episode 12 and the entire first season of the Chainsaw Man anime, in which we see a new and mysterious character. Then, We tell you who he is and how important he will be in the future of the series.

Chainsaw Man Episode 12: Find out who appears at the end of this

First of all, we must warn you that, from here on, and although we are not going to delve into the history of the manga, we do there will be some other small spoiler about the original work regarding this character. If you don’t have a problem with this, go ahead, dear reader.

Well, let’s start by revealing the name of this mysterious character who, as you may have deduced from her voice and the little we’ve been able to see of her appearance, is a girl. Her name is Reze and she is the protagonist of the arc with which the hypothetical season 2 will most likely begin..

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She is a young girl, with black or purple hair, depending on the illustration (something that will probably lead to a controversy similar to Power’s hair color) and feline green eyes. The place we see her enter in the ending of episode 12 of the anime is the coffee shop where she works part-time. And how does she relate to the protagonists of Chainsaw Man? Well, for something very simple, and that is that, how could it be otherwise, after meeting Denji and showing some signs that he likes her, our beloved protagonist falls madly in love with her.

As for her dubbing actress, who doesn’t shine much, since she only utters one sentence, it’s Queen Uedainformation that has been leaked just a couple of hours before the premiere of episode 12 of Chainsaw Man. Among the characters to which the seiyu has given a voice, we highlight Kanao Tsuyuri (‘demon slayer‘), ruri (‘Dr Stone‘) and several children in ‘tokyo ghoul‘.

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Although in this episode 12 he had a simple cameo, we assure you that Reze will have a very important role in the next episodes of Chainsaw Man, which we hope will arrive as soon as possible. Until then, those viewers who have been left wanting more and cannot wait several years to see what happens with Denji and company, you can always turn to the original work, which is published in Spain Editorial Standard.

And you, dear reader, what role do you think Reze will have in the next Chainsaw Man arc? Did you like the end of this first season of the anime? Tell us through social mediawhere we remind you that you can follow us and find out the latest anime, science fiction and fantasy news.