Chainsaw Man: the series really finished?

news culture Chainsaw Man: the series really finished?

While some disappointed fans want a new adaptation of Chainsaw Man, the television adaptation of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga leaves many viewers hungry since no sequel has yet been announced. But there are reasons to believe it.


  • A twelfth episode that sounds the death knell for Denji and Makima?
  • Chainsaw Man: why you have to believe in a sequel

A twelfth episode that sounds the death knell for Denji and Makima?

Listed among the most anticipated anime of 2022, the television adaptation of chain saw man ended yesterday with the broadcast of the twelfth episode in simulcast. Twelve episodes that serve as an aperitif before the sequel or do we pack up? Indeed, fans of the series expected to see a teaser for the second season of the adaptation, or at least a second part. Only, it is an end credits composed by EVE which served as an epilogue and not information on the continuation of the adventures of Denji, Power and Makima.

On this subject, the MAPPA studio (in charge of the animation of chain saw man but also from the last season of The attack of the Titansof Jujutsu Kaisen or even season 2 of Vinland Saga) announced upcoming content on its Youtube channel:

Tomorrow, December 28, a special #Chainsawman movie will air! The video, which includes 13 tracks from all 12 episodes of the opening theme, insert song, and ending theme, will be posted on MAPPA’s YouTube channel!

Content that arrived a little over an hour ago and unfortunately does not contain any surprises regarding a possible part 2 or season 2 of chain saw man.

Chainsaw Man: why you have to believe in a sequel

If nothing is official today Regarding a sequel to the television adaptation of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga, there is a good chance that Shueisha (producer of the series and publisher of the manga) is ordering a sequel to the project for several reasons. First of all, for a question of scenario: the episode twelve corresponds to the 38th chapter of the manga (fifth volume). As its readers know, many intrigues remain unresolved and in particular with this sealed door in connection with Pochita. Especially since if a second part in twelve episodes (or even thirteen) were to exist, it would cover five and a half remaining volumes. Indeed, the first part of chain saw man ends with the eleventh volume.

On the other hand, it seems legitimate to consider that this television adaptation must have boosted sales of the manga in Japan but also of the weekly Weekly Shōnen Jump which includes the pre-published chapters. Something that has already been observed in the past with tokyo revenge, Jujutsu Kaisen and especially Demon Slayer (80 million copies sold in Japan in 2020, a record). What motivate the Shueisha for a sequel.

In the meantime, if some of you have decided to fall for manga following the broadcast of the anime on Crunchyroll, all you have to do is resume at the fifth volume and this until the eleventh while waiting for a possible announcement concerning the following.

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