Chainsaw Man: why it will be the 2022 anime phenomenon before Attack on Titan

Chainsaw Man, Tatsuki Fujimoto’s new manga, will see its adaptation undoubtedly establish itself as the star anime of 2022.

After a first intimate story, but already resolutely dark named Fire Punch, the young mangaka Tatsuki Fujimoto returns with Chainsaw Man, a series whose first part ended after 11 volumes. In the tradition of the current mangakas, and unlike the authors of the 80s and 90s who proudly posed in the Jump, Tatsuki Fujimoto is discreet, almost invisible.

His personal notes in his manga tell of his love for food, the cinema, or the admiration he has for his colleagues or his elders. However, the apathetic looking 28-year-old mangaka might just be the next master.

This is because the adaptation of Chainsaw Man just got its second trailer for the Jump Festa 2022 that we explain to you why you have to get excited, and how the adaptation of this still little-known manga could turn 2022 upside down, and impose themselves there as the new boss, despite competition from expected anime such as the finale of The attack of the Titans, or the appearance of new challengers, like Spy X Family.

Tokyo chainsaw massacre

The story thus tells the story of Denji, a penniless orphan boy whose financial troubles are resolved after a pact made with his one and best friend, a chainsaw dog demon named Pochita (adorable incidentally). He then becomes a chainsaw man, quickly recruited by a brigade of demon hunters, determined to use his astonishing abilities to cut scrapings.

Arrived in his brigade, he meets Makima, his boss, a very directive young woman with an eclectic character. She has him collaborate with Aki, a zealous civil servant, and Power, another woman-demon hybrid, with whom he will now live. During its 11 volumes, the series sees many plots flourish, and it manages to describe with rare precision the psychology of its characters, starting with Denji.

The young orphan is in an obsessive quest for a reassuring and comfortable daily life, even if he risks his life in the hunt for demons to obtain it. Being literally treated like a dog by your boss (with all the implications that are largely sexual) He hardly disturbs him, and the story does not refrain from violently defying the relations he maintains with the other characters, sometimes by making them eat the dandelion by the root in an astonishing candor.

Office outings at Ecran Large are much less captivating.

And Fire Punch was already not a treatise of optimism, Tatsuki Fujimoto replaces with an even darker narrative in Chainsaw Man, which he himself says that‘he pushes the genre of shônen (manga for young boys) to its limits. Whether it’s violence, nudity or sexuality, if it is not written directly on paper, everything is evoked with a seductive shamelessness. But the chainsaw man is not just a treatise on gore and uninhibited violence, it is also an ultra-referenced story that has a rare aesthetic.

In his own words, the character of Power, for example, is inspired by Eric Cartman in South Park, while the dynamic between the little dog Pochita and Denji is modeled on that of Jake and Finn in Adventure Time. Finally, many Internet users have had fun chasing the references in the volumes of Chainsaw Man.

The Raid, Berserk, l’oeuvre de Junji Ito, Chainsaw Massacre, the genre of the slasher or the French painting of the 19th century, Tatsuki Fujimoto is largely influenced by cinema and painting, not necessarily Japanese. For example, he decides to give the demon hunters the costume characteristic of the characters of Reservoir Dogs.

Chainsaw Man : photoJump + got the manga to achieve a unanimously-loved colorful edition

Chain top

And this melting pot of heterogeneous influences gives his style a taste of the new, of the unknown despite the obvious classicism of the tropes deployed in the story. Chainsaw Man, it’s Tarantino who sprinkles gore on Evangelion, all illustrated by an anarchic line, but damn dynamic. And that bizarre, yet powerful vibe is a performance, since nothing in the manga’s synopsis hinted that it would have such a singular character.

Chainsaw Man tells an extremely classic story, a man half human half[insérer monstre] who fights against [monstres] to save humanity. Tokyo Ghoul, Parasite, The attack of the Titans, Kaiju n ° 8 have already popularized this archi-common trope which allows to give a character superhuman abilities by depriving him of affiliation, being a mortal enemy of the monsters he fights, while never receiving the full confidence of the men he defends.

Chainsaw Man : photoFujimoto’s trait accurately describes the anarchy he distills in his narrative

And yet, Chainsaw Man manages to stand out from the crowd with his stupidly nihilistic story, enjoyably nag, and not hesitating to treat with maturity what happens below the belt, without ever sparing his characters. After a life of wandering, Denji does not seek to save the widow and the orphan, but to find the comfort of a good bed, a meal and, with a little luck, a girlfriend with whom he can know. intimacy, even if it means being his boss’ doggie, the strange and attractive Makima with whom he hopes to lose his virginity.

Finally, it is difficult not to see a filiation with Berserk, the dark fantasy tale and now orphaned after the loss of its author, Kentaro Miura. If the two manga ultimately have quite little in common, if not the sporadic nature of their protagonist obliged to function within a collective, a feature of rave reviews and the love of gore, Chainsaw Man afford the luxury of referencing Berserk on a recurring basis.

Chainsaw Man : photo“Break the acrobats of line 6!”

money time

And this singularity in the formatted landscape of the shônen pays off. Chainsaw Man was the fifth-best-selling manga of the first half of 2021 in Japan with 4,181,000 volumes sold, trailing The attack of the Titans (and its 4,635,000 sales) and Tokyo Revengers (5 million volumes sold during this period). Well ahead, we find Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen, prancing at the head of sales with respectively 26.3 and 23.8 million sales.

It is within the “Oricon sales ranking 2020” (which in fact describes the period from the end of the year 2020 to the first months of the year 2021) that we find these figures attesting to the rising popularity of the chainsaw man.

Chainsaw Man : photoFourguer 4 million manga, for a kid who sold his kidney, not bad

This classification should be read with great care. Some series having ended, they will decline irreparably. Others released fewer volumes than usual, and the number of copies sold is directly related to the number of volumes published during this period.

However, there is a peculiarity in this classification. Among the top five titles, Chainsaw Man is the only one who does not yet have an animated adaptation. However, it is often the latter that allows titles like Demon Slayer Where Jujutsu Kaisen to explode. Once adapted and broadcast on platforms such as Crunchyroll, Wakanim or Netflix, these titles make their way to the general public, who then wish to extend the experience by reading the series on its original medium.

Chainsaw Man : photoLosing your virginity under a Gustave Doré, that’s the project

Who is the mappa?

And the upcoming adaptation of Chainsaw Man was not entrusted to just anyone since it is the MAPPA studio that will take care of it. We had already told you the story of the meteoric rise of the studio which recovered the finale of theAttack on titans, and this time, he won’t have to work at an infernal pace (or at least, that’s what we thought before the Jump Festa where the studio announced to recover projects in shambles).

Tatsuki Fujimoto himself said he was very enthusiastic about the early work MAPPA showed him regarding the anime of Chainsaw Man, leaving us to predict the best for the future.

Chainsaw Man : photoWe put this start to the hallucinatory chapter and we leave

The first trailer for the anime Chainsaw Man has also broken popularity records. Faced with the rise of the work’s critical and commercial success, word of mouth worked. Although it only shows a minute of footage, it was viewed more (nearly 12 million) than the trailer for the second half of the season finale of l’Attack of the titans (9.4 million for the most viewed trailer video), and in less time.

Since then, speculation has not stopped, especially concerning the broadcaster: will the chainsaw man land on Netflix (and be a “new Devilman Crybaby“), or will Crunchyroll regain custody of bad kid Denji? Almost 12 million views later for this trailer, it seems undeniable to say that Chainsaw Man has already found a new audience, very eager to devour it in anime before the release of the second part of the manga, which should begin in the summer of 2022.

Chainsaw Man : photoWe almost have a tear that rises when we see Denji find the daily life he dreams of …

More than the fans most attentive to Japanese releases, Chainsaw Man seems to have also conquered certain profiles of amateurs of gore or horror more than of manga. This allowed him to achieve a critical success whose borders keep widening. The Angoulême International Comic Strip Festival will therefore offer an exhibition on Tatuski Fujimoto, as announced by its French publisher, Kazé. Good news for this daring, violent profile, and always on the verge of breaking out of the frame. If at the moment everything seems to be rolling like clockwork, let’s hope that the chainsaw man doesn’t derail along the way.

The second part of the manga Chainsaw Man is scheduled for summer 2022. As for its adaptation in anime, it will land in 2022 too, but no date has yet been communicated.