Character.AI: so you can talk to your favorite characters from League of Legends and other games

In recent days, an activity has become popular about which several video game fans and ‘manganime’ have been constantly commenting on social networks. This has to do with Character AIan artificial intelligence platform that simulates the identity of franchise characters such as League of Legends, Genshin Impact, Chainsaw Man, among others, to be able to talk to them. Given the popularity of Character AI, we are going to explain how to start these conversations and how to create rooms with several characters.

What can I do in Character AI or Character.AI?

Darius impersonation League of Legends.

The first thing to understand is that the Character.AI page is a neural network designed to mimic human language.. Like any machine learning process, the algorithm has been trained on thousands of messages created by humans to try to understand and produce language just like a real person would. Thus, in a ‘chat’ it is capable of holding a conversation with a certain level of coherence and naturalness.

The interesting thing about this is that he can communicate using a defined personality. For example, you can impersonate Joe Biden or Elon Musk and give your opinion as they would. Yes well people have been using them for fun, they’ve been going into Character AI mainly to talk to fictional characters from universes Like the ones of League of Legends, Genshin Impact, demon slayer, Breaking Bad, Chainsaw ManOne Piece, etc.

Character AI Genshin Impact Chainsawman One Piece talk to characters League of Legends
The AI ​​is also capable of creating images to further contextualize your prompts.

People take the opportunity to ask different characters funny questions about mathematical problems or philosophical reflections to see how capable artificial intelligence is to act according to its supposed identity. Even the loneliest have taken the opportunity to simply have a conversation, make “friends”, have a romantic adventure and even… “have sex”.

It seems that the challenge not established by the community is to see how many things artificial intelligence is capable of responding to. This community is not small, since at the moment there are almost a million people trying to talk to bowser.

How can I talk to characters from League of Legends and other games?

talk to League of Legends characters
Do you want to talk to your favorite characters from League of Legends?

The process is easier than it seems. You only have to enter Character.AI and select a character to talk to. If none convinces, in the magnifying glass in the upper right corner you can search for chats dedicated to a universe or one of a specific character.

In the case of LOLthe chat of League RPG generate images as you talk. This is the case with some dedicated to certain universes in general, although you can still ask to speak with a specific character.

The machine will always start a conversation in English. However, It is enough to ask in Spanish that please use this language to be able to speak. Almost always a “please, speak to me in Spanish” works.

How can I talk to more characters?

If you wonder if you can talk to more than one character at the same time, we have the answer: it’s possible, because Character Ai has the option to create rooms. You only have to go to the options that are on the left of the screen and press where it says ‘Create’. Then, you have to select where it says ‘Create a room’.

Once this is done, all you have to do is assign a name to the room. Also, you have to invite more than one character. The limitation is that only the most popular 500 list will be available here.

When the characters have been chosen, all you have to do is click on the blue button ‘Create it!’ Here you can talk to more than one at a time. The problem is that they will be answering each other and very often they will ignore the requests of the human being.. For example, they will be less likely to choose to speak Spanish once asked to do so.