Check out this inspiring Pillar of the Mist cosplay

Right at the end of Demon Slayer season two, a third season was already announced. This will focus on the village of blacksmiths and will involve the Pillars, characters little known, but yet essential to the work. Whether in the movie The Infinity Train or in season 2, the Pillars have demonstrated how validly they can face the demons of Kibutsuji Muzan. We learned a lot about them, their mentalities and their fighting techniques. It is therefore normal that fans are in a great hurry to find season 3 of the anime, because it will be an opportunity for them to discover other Pillars in more detail.

Credits: ufotable

Muichiro Tokito, the Pillar of the Mist

We discovered the Pillars towards the end of Demon Slayer Season 1. But it was in the infinity train and season two that we got to know these characters with their particular charisma. In season 3, we will continue our discovery of the Pillars, focusing on two new Pillars, namely Mitsuri Kanroji the Pillar of Love and Muichiro Tokito, the Pillar of Mist. For the fans it is a great pleasure to see these characters on screen, especially Muichiro Tokito. It is for this reason that the artist @macklmoor made a cosplay of her as Muichiro Tokito on his Instagram account. Check out her cosplay here.

Muichiro Tokito is one of the Nine Pillars and is a Demon Slayer. Small in stature, he wears dark clothes and a slayer katana. Her hair is also dark and tinted green at its ends. Michiro is someone whose gaze seems lost and very airy. Despite this dreamy look, he is highly respected by his peers, especially Tengen Uzui. Indeed, during his fight against Gyutaro, Tengen had been complimented by the upper moon on his skills as a swordsman. To which the Pillar had retorted by replying that he considered Muichiro more talented than him at the sword. Which suggests that the Pillar of the Mist has many surprises in store for us in season 3.

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Like Kyojuro Rengoku and Tengen Uzui, Muichiro Tokito and Mitsuri Kanroji will be presented in a completely different light. Plus, given the intensity of Season 2, it’s more than obvious that the Pillars of Love and Mist will be dealing with more violent and dangerous demons than Gyutaro, Daki, and Akaza. At the moment, we know very little about the release date of the next season of Demon Slayer. However, we have already learned that the team that will produce it will be the same as that of the first two seasons and the film.