Check out this wonderful Nezuko cosplay from Damon Slayer (Kimetsu no yaiba)

Demon Slayer is right in the Pleasure District arc. Our three companions Tanjiro, Zenitsu and Inosuke accompany the Hashira with sound in order to flush out the demon which is lurking in the shadows. Covered in makeup, they will try to override the vigilance of the women. For the moment Nezuko, has not played a role in this new arc. But that will not be long in coming. She helped her brother by fighting alongside him on several occasions. Since it’s the holiday season, a cosplayer has thought about replacing the pretty demoness’s kimono with something more festive.


A peculiar demoness

Nezuko has proven time and time again that she is not like other demons. First of all, it does not feed on human flesh. To recharge its batteries, it just needs to hibernate. Then she retains human feelings. Indeed, whether towards his brother or the others, Nezuko remains very affable. She protects her brother from the attacks of demons. Finally, she has shown herself to be just as strong as Tanjro, standing up to demons who eat only human flesh. As the manga evolves, she masters her strength and learns more about her bloodthirsty powers, which she makes available to demon slayers.

Demon slayers also have the spirit of Christmas

In the Pleasure District arc, the main story does not take place during the holidays. Either way, it’s unlikely that in the Taishō era, Japanese people used to celebrate Christmas. Nonetheless, in the post-credits scene, the creators of the anime gave a nod to the Christmas party. We see Zenitsu who is in the middle of organizing a party for his beloved Nezuko. But his concentration is disturbed by the demon slayers. The most hilarious moment is Inosuke’s intervention. He demands that Zenitsu explain the concept of Christmas to him. He even says he is ready to fight for information. This relaxing moment gave a glimpse into an ordinary life for the characters in the anime, far from the tribulations of demons and Muzan.

A cosplay in Christmas colors

The cosplay in the spotlight of Nezuko was produced by Taliverse. With a deep gaze, she wears a set in Christmas colors. The artist even kept the inseparable piece of bamboo that Nezuko brings to his mouth. You can find the cosplay images on the account Taliverse’s Instagram.