“Cholita-san”: the Bolivian otaku and tiktoker mom who breaks it in the world of anime

During and after the pandemic, there were many families who had to completely reinvent themselves because their jobs disappeared, or because after getting the bug they were forced to find a new way of life. This is what happened to Cristina Mamani, a Bolivian mother of two children who, after getting sick, saw how her whole world changed completely.

And it is that although she used to work as a street vendor to support her children, now her business is totally focused on anime, a hobby that helped her emerge with her family. “For me, anime has been an example, culture and value, that’s what I’ve learned,” she says in an interview with the media. Infobae.


This example of this can be seen portrayed in the appearance of Mamani, who wears her traditional cholita dress, but mixed with elements from different Japanese series, such as a cloak just like the one worn by Shinobu, her favorite character from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaibaor jewels that refer to Attack on Titananother of his favorite animes.

A way to get ahead

All this love for Japanese culture, especially animations, was born after Mamani got sick with Covid during the pandemic, after which, together with her children, they had to spend all their savings on treatments so that her mother could get better completely, leaving her with nothing. to move on.

As a result of this, his children decided to sell sweatshirts of anime characters, and thus be able to get a little money. To promote these, they created an account on TikTok, showing the products, but this was canceled so they were starting from scratch again.


It was at this moment that Cristina decided to take action and be part of her children’s TikTok videos, immersing herself more in Japanese culture and starting to sell the products of the different anime they watched. Even though she used to accompany her kids to conventions, she didn’t really understand what she was about until she started shooting videos.

“But today I see that all the characters are an art, they are a ‘cosplay’ that demonstrates an example, a teaching in a different way,” Cristina explains to the aforementioned medium, from her new store where she sells anime-related items.

Cholita-san’s origin

One of the things that caught the most attention for her followers on TikTok is that Cristina continued to wear her cholita outfit, traditional in the Bolivian Aymara culture, while promoting clothes and accessories from the different anime she watched with her children.

For this reason, the followers nicknamed her Cholita-san, a name that she proudly wears in her videos and in the store where she works. The latter also owes her origin to the success she obtained from her on the video platform, since there they asked her if they had a physical store, which prompted her, along with her children, to establish a place for fans.

Cristina has also earned the affection of her followers thanks to the fact that she not only sells the products, but also identifies with the characters and wears them with pride. “For example, I identify with Shinobu, who is from the anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, So I have seen that she is a woman who fights for her family.”

Another thing that stands out is that Cristina always tries to talk to her clients about the different animes she watches, but even though she is still learning about this culture, it is something she wants to continue doing over time. “I still have a lot to learn, I will continue learning until God gives me life. But in this I can only thank my two children, my two great loves that I have”, confesses Mamani.