Curious: The new Japanese Prime Minister is a fan of demon slayers.

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Even politicians have their favorite shows. According to the new Japanese prime minister, he has taken the Demon Slayer to heart.

A few weeks ago, Japan was faced with the decision to elect a new prime minister. The prime minister is considered the most powerful office in the country, so the election had major implications for the future. The race was ultimately won by Fumio Kishida, an experienced Liberal Democratic Party politician. But Mr. Kishida is not only the new head of government, he is also an anime enthusiast, as we have just seen.

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Head of government wants to strengthen anime and manga industry

A few weeks ago, the Japanese Prime Minister decided to answer questions on his social media channels. There, a user wanted to know if Kishida had seen the new Demon Slayer movie and which character he preferred. The politician did not hesitate long with his response: “I have not seen the film, but I have read the 23 volumes of Demon Slayer”.


When it comes to his favorite character, he said he particularly appreciates the demon Akaza. A choice that surprised many of his supporters. Among other things, the character appears in the feature film and plays an important role as an enemy of Tanjiro et Cie.

Mr. Kishida also pledged to support the cartoon and manga industry during his four-year tenure: “I want to work towards improving the incomes of those who work in Japan’s soft power industries, such as the cartoon, manga, and film industries.

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Demon Slayer is on everyone’s lips again right now. On October 10, the shonen series debuted its second season, where action, suspense and a lot of emotion await us again. The first episodes summarize the events of the movie “Mugen Train” before a new arc begins soon.