Daniela Aránguiz reveals that she felt discriminated against while participating in Maldita Moda: “At the moment it does hurt you”


The television figure was present in the program that Marcelo Marrocchino and Nacho Pop broadcast online.

The actress contacted the space led by Marcelo Marrocchino.  (Photo: Instagram / danyaranguizf)

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The actress contacted the space led by Marcelo Marrocchino. (Photo: Instagram / danyaranguizf)

A harsh revelation made the former member of Mekano Daniela aránguiz in the program that leads Marcelo Moroccan next to Nacho pop “Brothers separated at birth”, where she revealed that she felt discriminated against while working at “Damn Fashion ”.

“There were groups that were elitist and they made me empty many times, especially women.”

At that time, Daniela had just returned to the country after living in Dubai, so she had no contacts to work as an influencer, so she spoke with her colleagues about the steps to follow.

“Yes, I had worked in television my whole life, but I had not worked in the social media environment yet.”, he expressed.

Then he noted: “Then, as I was not driving myself, I told one of the girls who was on the face of the program: ‘I would like to have these makeups.’ That they also gave me gifts because I saw that they brought makeup, so I wanted to ”.

“To the other program I say: ‘Did you talk to the girl about the makeup?’ And he says to me: ‘Yes, what happens is that the brand says that you are not their profile’. And I: ‘How is your profile like this?’ It was something that still marked me, because you say: ‘Is this true or did she not tell her and she wanted to tell me that?’

However, this bad time did not last long, since she was contacted by a prestigious brand. “After a week a very important brand, Givenchy, sought me out to be its face for social networks. And it was like ‘what am I going to be crying for a brand that doesn’t even reach the heels of the brand that does love me?’ ”.

“She had a photographer and I asked her once to take one for me. He took my picture and to the other program I said: ‘Oh, take a picture of me again.’ Because they brought professional photographers to take photos and upload them to their social networks “commented Áranguiz.

Who later revealed that the woman told him that she would rather not since she did not want to have problems. “Because he kind of got mad.”

“I think there was jealousy there, because I did steal the movie from the show.” He added that he had a good relationship with the production and with the rest of the members of the space.

“But I felt discriminated against, then it was taken away from me, but obviously it hurts at the moment. They make you feel bad. I never liked making people feel bad for free. I have made a lot of people feel bad, but not for free. My comments are always answers, “he said.

About who the person in question was, Aranguiz did not want to answer directly, but he did provide clues. “There was the animator Francisca García-Huidobro, Mariela (Sotomayor), Nicole Putz, Kel Calderón and I, we were five women.”

“It was not Mariela, it was not Fran, because Fran has always treated me with affection, I adore her. There you have two options and I am not going to say anything else, “he declared.

However, later he pointed out that Kel Calderón had not been either, leaving the influencer Nicole Putz as the only option.

“But I wish him the best, zero grudges. The past stepped on. I wish him well. I know he has a little bus now. I wish you the best in life, in your profession“, Hill.