Demon Hunter: 10 Times Heroes Can’t Be Trusted

demon slayer is one of the few anime that is packed with likable characters. Most of the heroes have understandable motivations even when they can be a bit abrasive. That said, perfect characters are boring and there has never been a series that got very far with characters who always made the right choice.

At various times of demon slayer, there are characters who made really puzzling decisions. Although all of them tend to work out well, people taking them shouldn’t have trusted them at all. While these kinds of decisions often make for compelling drama, that doesn’t mean they make more sense to the characters around them.

10 When Tanjiro Said He Could Save His Sister

The whole premise of demon slayer it’s Tanjiro’s quest to return his sister to normal, but there’s no evidence of this happening to show that it’s possible in the first place. All attempts in the past have failed, and in the best of cases there are demons who give up consuming humans.

Fans can agree that Nezuko is precious and needs to be protected, but why did anyone in the series ever trust Tanjiro to be able to return her to normal? Especially in the beginning, when Giyu, an experienced fighter, trusted a boy with no ability to fight demons and protect humans from his sister.

9 When Sakonji Barely Trains Tanjiro1646216187 462 Demon Hunter 10 Times Heroes Cant Be Trusted.webp

Sakonji should never have been trusted to train Tanjiro. This man has trained multiple students in the past and almost all of them have died. The Final Selection is such a dangerous test for aspiring Demon Hunters that most do not survive, but Sakonji is particularly notable.

Observing his training, he never gave Tanjiro what it takes to succeed. Instead, the ghosts of students who could never become Demon Slayers teach Tanjiro what he needs to survive.

8 Tanjiro leaves Nezuko with Zenitsu1646216188 791 Demon Hunter 10 Times Heroes Cant Be Trusted.webp

Tanjiro left his sister Nezuko with Zenitsu while he was fighting a demon on one of his missions. Exactly what part of that sounded like a good idea to you? Zenitsu is not a great combatant, he is terrified in most of his fights. The only time he is able to really win is when he is so scared that he passes out and fights while he is unconscious.

But that’s not something that would have happened against Inosuke, who was about to open the box and kill Nezuko. Fortunately, Tanjiro was able to defend Nezuko against Inosuke himself, but it’s a problem that never should have happened.

7 Zenitsu Is Chosen For The Final Selection1646216188 465 Demon Hunter 10 Times Heroes Cant Be Trusted.webp

Just one question: whose idea was it to send Zenitsu to the Final Selection? Despite being trained by a talented Demon Slayer, Zenitsu was only able to learn a single technique. Worse yet, he is afraid of every match he gets into.

The idea of ​​a character whose unconscious state is an amazing fighter is great, but it’s certainly not practical. No one within the organization should have allowed this to happen, and yet they kept giving him missions.

6 The Demon Slayer Corps Turns Against Tanjiro For Protecting His Sister1646216188 444 Demon Hunter 10 Times Heroes Cant Be Trusted.webp

Tanjiro should never have been trusted to begin with, but Giyu vouched for him and then Tanjiro and Nezuko spent the next few missions proving that trust was a good idea. So why did they kidnap both of them and take them to the Demon Slayer HQ like she broke the rules?

All the Hashira then proved that they were not to be trusted, even if things had a happy ending. The fact that Nezuko proved that she was above even Sanemi’s singularly rare blood calmed them down, but from then on, Tanjiro should have known that neither of them could be trusted if things went wrong for him and Nezuko’s sister. he.

5 When Tengen’s Wives Were Sent To Find The Oiran Daki1646216188 396 Demon Hunter 10 Times Heroes Cant Be Trusted.webp

During the series it is shown several times how dangerous it is to be a Demon Slayer. It also shows how much training Tanjiro has to go through just to be considered worthy of his position. Uzui’s wives were probably put through even more training as kunoichi, which would have been more than enough in normal situations.

But it turns out that they were assigned to fight against an Upper Demonic Moon, something that none of the Demon Slayer Corps had ever defeated. This put them all in an unfortunate situation, in which Uzui was left with no choice but to save them all.

4 Tanjiro Is Sent To Fight A Lower Demon Moon1646216188 733 Demon Hunter 10 Times Heroes Cant Be Trusted.webp

Tanjiro’s assignments always ended with him fighting enemies that were way above what he should be capable of. But when he and the group were suddenly asked to travel to the Natagumo Forest, what awaited them was something none of them were prepared for.

Despite having two talented swordsmen with him, they were barely able to survive one of the Lower Demon Moons. Without Giyu’s arrival, they would have died even if Tanjiro unlocked a new fighting style to use.

3 When Uzui Tried To Kidnap Kanao And Her Sisters1646216189 809 Demon Hunter 10 Times Heroes Cant Be Trusted.webp

After all of Tengen’s wives disappeared into the Red Light District, Tengen Uzui’s next plan was to take a group of random women and send them after them. Needless to say, this isn’t exactly well thought out. As talented as Kanao is, she and her sisters didn’t have to be sent after an experienced kunoichi like that.

This is one of the reasons why Uzui accepted help from Tanjiro and the others instead of eliminating them and just taking the girls, which he could have done. He came to his senses and realized that he was acting out of fear of his wives.

2 Inosuke Is Asked To Keep The Secret1646216189 923 Demon Hunter 10 Times Heroes Cant Be Trusted.webp

Although Uzui is normally a smart guy, his genius plan to get information was to dress up the three boys and have them sell themselves as potential courtesans. Although this plan would normally make sense, Tanjiro and the others are muscular and obviously built like guys who train all the time.

The only one who seemed to fit was Inosuke, but his brash voice would have made it obvious that he was a man. Uzui’s genius idea was to order him not to speak, but even a silent Inosuke was going to be the first to break his cover.

1 Assuming Nezuko Would Never Want Blood1646216189 428 Demon Hunter 10 Times Heroes Cant Be Trusted.webp

This has hurt all Nezuko fans. In every major challenge Tanjiro has faced thus far, Nezuko has helped him in battle. So she, of course, she also makes an appearance of her near the end of the second season against Daki. After revealing a new transformation, the young woman puts on an impressive display, damaging Daki several times.

But when Nezuko is near some humans, her rage overwhelms her and she almost attacks them. Although her Nezuko has yet to harm a human, this is the closest she has come to doing so. It’s also likely that Tanjiro is more concerned about the sister he said she would protect from her.