Demon Hunter: 10 Times Villains Can Be Trusted

demon slayer is a unique anime for the way it portrays its villainous characters. Of course, there are plenty of unrepentant characters who call Muzan Kibutsuji their master, but each one has a measure of reason behind his madness.

The new hit anime starring Tanjiro and Nezuko Kamado tackles villainy in a dynamic way. It doesn’t matter if it’s from those cursed by the blood of Muzan Kibutsuji or from the ranks of the Demon Slayer Corp. There is heroism and villainy on both sides. Taking this into account, the ones who appear to be villains turn out to be some of the most trustworthy characters in the series and vice versa.

10 Nezuko Proved That Not All Demons Are Untrustworthy

As the name of the series indicates, the world demon slayerhe is haunted by the threat of demons hungry for power and with a taste for human blood. Most of those cursed with the blood of Muzan Kibutsuji are serial killers who believe that by devouring human flesh they will become more and more powerful.

Nezuko quickly proves to fans that some demons can be trusted. After overcoming her bloodlust in the first episode of the series, she quickly becomes one of the most reliable characters in the entire series. Even when Sanemi Shinazugawa’s sweet blood tests her, her Nezuko remains true to her convictions and fights her bloodlust.

9 Tamayo Offered Tanjiro A Chance To Save His Sister1645955990 891 Demon Hunter 10 Times Villains Can Be Trusted.webp

Aside from Nezuko, Lady Tamayo is easily the most trusted demon with Muzan Kibutsuji’s blood running through her veins. Before meeting Tamayo, fans are rightly wary of any demon not named Nezuko Kamado.

By saving Tanjiro from Muzan, Tamayo proved that some villains with blood demon art can be trusted.

8 Giyu Tomioka Went From Hunting Nezuko To Risking His Life For Her1645955990 128 Demon Hunter 10 Times Villains Can Be Trusted.webp

the first episodedemon slayeris nothing short of a worldbuilding masterclass. After Tanjiro’s family is devastated by demons, Giyu Tomioka appears as a representative of the Demon Slayer Corps. Though fans aren’t sure they can trust Nezuko, they side with Tanjiro and hope that he can return to his colorful life as a coal delivery man.

Before Tanjiro has a chance to understand Nezuko’s transformation, Giyu Tomioka appears and throws himself into the role of villain trying to kill Nezuko. Though it doesn’t last long, Giyu fulfills his role as Tanjiro’s antagonist by engaging him in battle. Soon after, Giyu risks his life to vouch for Nezuko before his fellow Hashira.

7 The Hashira Threatened Nezuko Before Fighting Alongside Her1645955990 612 Demon Hunter 10 Times Villains Can Be Trusted.webp

demon slayer introduced fans to the most powerful members of the Demon Slayer Corps in its first season. When Rengoku and Tengen appeared on screen, they stood as a unified group that would do anything to wipe the demons off the face of the Earth.

Unfortunately, this single thought led most of Hashira to view Nezuko as an enemy. After stepping into the role of antagonists during Tanjiro’s trial, Rengoku and Tengen would go on to join the Kamado brothers in later arcs.

6 Yushiro Helped Tanjiro Kill A Pair Of Demons1645955990 835 Demon Hunter 10 Times Villains Can Be Trusted.webp

Although Tamayo and Nezuko did most of the work to prove that not all demons are villains, Yushiro is a better example of a villain who can be trusted. This obsessive demon follows Tamayo like a trained dog and has no allegiance to humanity.

When Tanjiro and Nezuko join Tamayo on his mission, Yushiro treats them both with disdain. Despite his unpleasant behavior, when Tanjiro and Nezuko are assaulted by Susamaru and Yahaba, Yushiro works alongside Tanjiro to defeat the two demons.

5 Daki Trusts His Big Brother’s Power1645955991 418 Demon Hunter 10 Times Villains Can Be Trusted.webp

Daki and Gyutaro are the main antagonists of Tanjiro and Tengen during the Entertainment District arc, which made its way into the second season of the anime. With their combined strength, the two of them have defeated a handful of Hashira and even more lower ranked Demon Slayers.

Daki never lends her trust to Tanjiro and Nezuko, but she does trust her brother to support her through difficult times. Like any good brother, Gyutaro shows up just in time to save his sister from Tengen Uzui.

4 The Spider Demon Mother Warned Tanjiro Of Rui’s Strength1645955991 379 Demon Hunter 10 Times Villains Can Be Trusted.webp

The family of spider demons that Tanjiro faces during the Natagumo Mountain arc is a complex set of characters. Although each of them is guilty of murder, not all of them are as villainous as Rui.

The Spider Demon Mother is a villain who proves that she can be trusted. After Tanjiro breaks through her defenses, Mother warns the young Demon Hunter of Rui’s power. Before this moment, Tanjiro might have assumed that Rui was an ordinary demon and not a member of Muzan Kibutsuji’s Twelve Kizuki.

3 Tamayo’s Demon Cats Are More Reliable Than The Demon Slayer Corps1645955991 410 Demon Hunter 10 Times Villains Can Be Trusted.webp

The little demon kitties that follow Tanjiro as he collects the blood of higher ranked demons are some of the most reliable little beasts in the entire series.

Although they belong to a demon, these messenger cats prove time and time again that they can be trusted as messengers between Tanjiro and Tamayo.

2 Sanemi Works Together With Gyomei To Defeat Top Rank 11645955991 376 Demon Hunter 10 Times Villains Can Be Trusted.webp

Sanemi Shinazugawa may be a pillar of the Demon Slayer Corps, but when faced with the power of the Kamado family, he acts more like a villain than a hero. During Tanjiro’s first introduction to the Hashira, she is intended to judge him for harboring a demon. Before her trial can begin, Sanemi impales Nezuko with a nichirin blade and then spills her own blood to quench her bloodlust.

When Sanemi reappears in the plot of the manga demon slayer , works together with Gyomei to defeat Kibutsuji’s Top Rank 1. Although he is a villain, he can be trusted with Sanemi more than most when it comes to taking down powerful demons.

1 Genya, Eater Of Demons, Appears In A Big Way In The Swordsman Village Arc1645955992 550 Demon Hunter 10 Times Villains Can Be Trusted.webp

Genya is a unique member of the Demon Slayer Corps. After passing the final exam alongside Tanjiro and Zenitsu, he quickly rose through the ranks without ever mastering a breathing style.

Genya managed to overcome this handicap by devouring the flesh of the demons. That’s right, the young man who had the audacity to threaten the test administrators at the end of the final exam also regularly eats the flesh of demons. Despite how villainous these actions make him seem, Genya proves to be a trustworthy ally when he joins Tanjiro and the Hashira of the Mist during the Swordsman’s Village arc.