Demon Hunter: 10 Ways Tanjiro Ruined His Sympathy

Tanjiro Kamado is the main protagonist of Demon Slayer. He starts out as a normal boy until his family is killed by Muzan. The only survivor is her sister Nezuko, who turns into a demon. He becomes a Demon Slayer to protect others and find a cure for his sister.

His experiences make him one of the best swordsmen of his generation. Despite the penalties he faces, Tanjiro is a great character because he manages to be very kind and loving to both humans and demons, as he identifies with their tragic circumstances. Unfortunately, Tanjiro has some notable flaws that make him unsympathetic at times.

10 fans see the past through Tanjiro for no reason

For a long time, fans assumed that Tanjiro was related to Yoriichi Tsugikuni in some way. This was quickly proven to be false thanks to the visions Tanjiro had from the past. Through these visions, Tanjiro came to know more about Yoriichi and his technique, gaining memories of his ancestor, Sumiyoshi, while in a coma. This ability is really strange, and it is not very well explained. It would have been better as a flashback, as it makes Tanjiro look inhuman.

9 Tanjiro is a human hound1628698584 613 Demon Hunter 10 Ways Tanjiro Ruined His Sympathy.webp

Despite being a human, Tanjiro has an incredible sense of smell. It allows you to detect different species from a long distance, sense the emotions of others, and find a hole in your opponent’s defenses.

You can even use your nose to predict how your opponent will move. In a series that focuses on how humans can find the strength and determination to defeat demons, it doesn’t make sense for Tanjiro to be able to smell the future.

8 Conquer the sun immediately1628698584 827 Demon Hunter 10 Ways Tanjiro Ruined His Sympathy.webp

When Muzan realizes that he is about to lose to the Demon Slayers, he transforms Tanjiro into a demon as a last-ditch effort. Try to manipulate Tanjiro to kill all the survivors of the Demon Hunter Corps and conquer the sun. Tanjiro manages to conquer the sun at breakneck speed, something that no other demon has ever achieved before. Being related to Nezuko did not mean he was guaranteed conquest of the sun, and only made Tanjiro look outmatched.

7 Sticks your nose in other people’s business1628698585 946 Demon Hunter 10 Ways Tanjiro Ruined His Sympathy.webp

Tanjiro is not able to keep his thoughts to himself, he cannot bear to see any kind of injustice and he does not take long to intervene even though there are no demons involved. He becomes embroiled in Sanemi and Genya Shinazugawa’s family feud, which neither brother appreciates.

This also shows that he does not participate in the hierarchy of the Demon Hunter Corps in the same way as the other members.

6 Improves incredibly fast1628698586 681 Demon Hunter 10 Ways Tanjiro Ruined His Sympathy.webp

After just two years of rigorous training, Tanjiro manages to participate in the Final Selection. Somehow, he manages to kill a demon that killed thirteen Sankonji Urokodaki students and fifty other aspiring Demon Hunter, and continues to increase in power after each battle, to the point of being strong enough to be a Hashira. Meanwhile, many other Hunters are not as strong as him despite having more time to train and similar motivations.

5 He pounces on Muzan and threatens him1628698586 706 Demon Hunter 10 Ways Tanjiro Ruined His Sympathy.webp

When Tanjiro first notices Muzan, he does the worst he can do in his situation. He comes face to face with him, regardless of the danger he poses to himself and the people around him. Thanks to his carelessness, Muzan wounds and turns a passerby into a demon. This not only allows Muzan to escape, but also paints a target on Tanjiro’s back, which only increases when he starts yelling threats at him.

4 He’s kind even to those who killed his friends1628698586 381 Demon Hunter 10 Ways Tanjiro Ruined His Sympathy.webp

No matter who he fights, except for Muzan, Tanjiro is kind to all his enemies after defeating them. Almost all the demons he fights seem to have some kind of tragic history and their power was imposed on them. He offers comfort even to those who have killed his friends, such as the Demon of the Hand, who would not be so easy to forgive for the dozens of people he killed.

3 He does not take care of his swords or himself1628698586 777 Demon Hunter 10 Ways Tanjiro Ruined His Sympathy.webp

Hotaru Haganezuka, Tanjiro’s main swordsman, is the one who is most irritated by the state of Tanjiro’s swords. Although most of the characters disagree, their feelings are completely justified. Tanjiro breaks his sword in his battle against Rui, throws his sword at Akaza and loses it, splinters another sword and uses an incomplete sword. Tanjiro takes care of himself even less, not hesitating to fight a demon even with broken ribs.

2 His forehead may somehow hurt demons1628698587 59 Demon Hunter 10 Ways Tanjiro Ruined His Sympathy.webp

Tanjiro already has some strange and inexplicable superpowers, and his rock-hard forehead is one more on his list. His forehead is hard enough to stun, injure, or even knock out an opponent without harming himself. Tanjiro has used his trademark head butt against many demons, and they have all felt some kind of pain for it. This makes Tanjiro seem even more powerful, considering that demons can effortlessly break bones.

1 loses its advantage against Akaza1628698588 261 Demon Hunter 10 Ways Tanjiro Ruined His Sympathy.webp

Although Tanjiro was able to erase his presence, he squandered his advantage. Immediately after Akaza told Giyu that Tanjiro was dead, Tanjiro called Akaza. He demanded that she fight him, choosing not to use the element of surprise. Thanks to this, he unnecessarily lengthened the time of his battle and received more injuries than necessary despite knowing that he had to fight Muzan later.