Demon hunter: 5 good role models in the series (and 5 bad ones)

The Serie Demon Slayer it’s full of both extremely good and extremely bad characters. Characters like Tanjiro Kamado are known for their compassion and goodness, even in the face of incredible evil (as seen when Tanjiro feels bad for the demons he must kill). Other characters are ruthless, such as Shinobu Kocho, who asks demons to be his friends before painfully killing them.

These characters do what they must to achieve their goals, keep their family / companions safe, or survive. However, this makes some of them much better role models than others.

10 good guys: Tanjiro is the embodiment of compassion

Tanjiro Kamado begins the series by showing his kindness by helping various villagers, and when he finds his family dead and Nezuko turned into a demon, he never gives up. Believe in it and protect it whatever happens. He also feels sad for the demons he must kill as he can see where they come from and why they are so angry.

However, Tanjiro wants to stop Muzan and his army of demons to prevent the fate of his family from happening to another. Therefore, he dedicates his life to his sister and to people he does not even know.

9 Bad: Shinobu is an incredible but ruthless hunter1638094011 740 Demon hunter 5 good role models in the series and.webp

Shinobu Kocho is an incredible fighter. It is the hashira insect and it moves gracefully. However, his fighting tactic is cruel, as he uses poison to defeat his enemies. Also, he hates demons.

Although Shinobu hates demons for their bloodlust and kills any demon that has killed a human, he does so in a cruel way. When he fights spider demons, he gives them a false hope that they can live only to take it off and painfully kill them.

8 Good: Nezuko has such strong willpower that she can defend herself against her demonic nature1638094011 311 Demon hunter 5 good role models in the series and.webp

Nezuko Kamado is as impressive as his brother. Although she was forcibly turned into a demon, she never acted on her urge to kill and eat humans, and as a result, she gained incredible powers. However, Nezuko would never have been able to do so were it not for her impressive willpower.

Nezuko reminds others that compassion can overcome demonic bloodlust and that not everyone who seems evil or has an evil origin is truly evil. Many of the Hashira would do well to learn this lesson.

7 Bad: Zenitsu can be a weirdo1638094011 985 Demon hunter 5 good role models in the series and.webp

Zenitsu is the cowardly demon slayer who only fights when unconscious. However, when unconscious, he becomes incredibly powerful. Despite his power, skill, and innocence, he tends to be creepy around women, so he can’t be considered a good role model.

Obviously, Nezuko doesn’t want Zenitsu to chase her, but Zenitsu ignores it and keeps pestering her. He does so even with women who express their discontent with Zenitsu’s actions.

6 Good: Giyu knows when to be compassionate and when to be firm1638094012 811 Demon hunter 5 good role models in the series and.webp

Giyu strives to save as many innocents as she can; that’s why he joined the Demon Hunter Corps. When he meets Tanjiro, he tries to tell him that Nezuko is a lost cause, but Nezuko tries to protect Tanjiro. Giyu changes her mind at that moment.

Giyu is compassionate, and when he sees Nezuko’s potential, he offers her and Tanjiro the best chance to survive and save Nezuko from his demonic nature. He sends them to Sakonji and lets them go, despite his duty to kill any demons he comes across.

5 Bad: Rui is defending toxic family relationships1638094012 914 Demon hunter 5 good role models in the series and.webp

Rui is one of the powerful Twelve Kizuki of Muzan, demons with great potential. He was a spider demon, and thanks to his past trauma stemming from when his parents tried to kill him for becoming a demon, he is obsessed with creating a family. Thus, he tries to make a family of spider demons, but his family is toxic and twisted, many of its members being forced to be part of it. Ultimately, Rui dies, but not before terrorizing both his “found family” and Tanjiro, Nezuko, Zenitsu, and Inosuke.

4 Good: Rengoku is a paragon of honorable heroes1638094012 218 Demon hunter 5 good role models in the series and.webp

Rengoku Kyojuro was the hashira of the flame and one of the few who supported Tanjiro. He was always optimistic and confident, even when the odds were against him. Although he was often known for his intensity, he was intelligent and capable of devising grand battle plans.

Rengoku was an incredibly powerful fighter and swordsman for Nichirin, yet at first he did not support Tanjiro protecting his demon-turned sister. Over time, he becomes convinced of the idea after meeting them, which shows his ability to have an open mind and not blindly follow the rules.

3 Bad: Sanemi Shinazugawa is cruel and rude1638094013 827 Demon hunter 5 good role models in the series and.webp

On the other hand, Sanemi Shinazugawa was another hashira who did not support Nezuko’s existence. However, instead of simply voting against allowing her to live, he attacks her. His intense hatred of demons prevents him from seeing the benefit of Nezuko’s survival or his pure heart. He even tries to stab her multiple times and tries to trick her into attacking him.

It takes a while, but Sanemi ends up accepting Nezuko, although it certainly wasn’t because of her demonic nature. Also, he is one of the grumpiest hashira.

2 Good: Sakonji did what he had to do to get Tanjiro ready for the selection1638094013 456 Demon hunter 5 good role models in the series and.webp

Sakonji Urokodaki is Tanjiro’s mentor and master of the aquatic breathing technique. When Tanjiro and Nezuko first come to Sakonji, Sakonji surprisingly allows Nezuko to stay with them and gives him a chance. Although he was tough on Tanjiro when he trained him, it was only because he knew the dangers of the national team.

After all, Sakonji trains Tanjiro well and provides security for him and Nezuko at the beginning of the series. Tanjiro would never have made it without his tutelage.

1 Evil: Muzan manipulates demons and would-be demons1638094014 886 Demon hunter 5 good role models in the series and.webp

The most obvious choice for a bad role model in Demon Slayer it has to be Muzan himself. He is a demon that creates demons, and if they ignore him or do not complete the objectives he sets for them, he does not hesitate to kill his subordinates. Also, he kills humans without remorse and forcibly turns them into demons (as he did with Nezuko).

As if that were not enough, Muzan is manipulative not only with humans, whom he sometimes tricks into turning into demons, but also with those who work under him.