Demon Hunter: 5 Kanto Pokémon Inosuke Would Catch (& 5 He Would Rather Fight)

Demon Slayer introduced anime fans to their favorite boar-headed warrior, the tough Inosuke Hashibira. He grew up in the wild surrounded by animals, making him a competitive and aggressive person who has keen instincts and simple but honest interests. What if he became a Pokémon trainer instead of a demon hunter?

The world Pokémon It is divided into regions, and the Generation I region was Kanto, home to the first 151 Pokémon in the franchise. If Inosuke had been born and raised here, he would become a wild and enthusiastic Pokémon trainer whose team would fit his personality and upbringing. But not all Kanto’s Pokémon are tailored to your needs.

10 would want: Primeape is Inosuke in Pokémon form

Few Pokémon better embody Inosuke’s fierce and competitive spirit than the fighting monkey Primepe, which is among the fiercest Pokémon in Generation I. Ash Ketchum was outmatched when he tried to capture one, unprepared for the aggressive nature and grumpy of this Pokémon.

However, Inosuke would get along well with wild Primeapes, and would have the intuition and instincts to understand these creatures and their needs. Unlike Ash, Inosuke would earn the trust of any Primeape, and they would fight loyally for him in battle.

9 would fight: The Persian is fickle and graceful1629363063 670 Demon Hunter 5 Kanto Pokemon Inosuke Would Catch 5.webp

Persian is another notable Normal-type Pokémon from the Kanto region. A predatory cat that Inosuke would instinctively understand, it is also a classy and graceful Pokémon that behaves like a capricious snob at times, and Persian mostly attracts rich and snobbish people. In fact, Don Giovanni owns one.

Inosuke would have trouble training a Persian for his team. Instead, he would fight wild Persians to hone his technique, and a fast and agile opponent like this is the perfect sparring partner.

8 I would like: Growlithe is fierce and can easily track odors1629363064 595 Demon Hunter 5 Kanto Pokemon Inosuke Would Catch 5.webp

Inosuke wants Pokémon with fierce fighting abilities and good instincts and survival skills, and the small but tough Growlithe is just what he’s been looking for. Despite his small size and cuddly appearance, Growlithe is a very feisty fire fighter who can take on Pokémon bigger than him, and his speed is truly remarkable.

Such speed and fighting spirit are perfect for any Pokémon on Inosuke’s team, and as a bonus, Growlithe has an excellent nose and can track any scent. These tracking abilities are vital to survival and hunting for new Pokémon to catch.

7 would fight: Tauros is tough and headstrong1629363064 341 Demon Hunter 5 Kanto Pokemon Inosuke Would Catch 5.webp

The bull-type Tauros would be quite an attractive addition to Inosuke’s team, if he can instinctively connect with this Pokémon and overcome its stubborn nature. Inosuke would also get a lot out of fighting wild Taurus, and what fun it would be.

Taurus can use their horns and three whip-like tails in battle, and Inosuke must stay alert to handle such a tough and aggressive foe in deadly combat. If you can survive a Taurus, you can also survive a demon attack.

6 I would like: Rhyhorn is tough and reckless1629363064 641 Demon Hunter 5 Kanto Pokemon Inosuke Would Catch 5.webp

Rock and Ground-type Pokémon take advantage of their natural durability in battle, as long as they avoid their elemental weaknesses in combat. Rhyhorn is a Rock-type Pokémon and Earth, and Inosuke would adore this creature’s unique mind and reckless fighting style.

Rhyhorn’s simple mind, aggressive demeanor, and short legs make him ideal for front-loading attacks, and he’s hardly in pain no matter what he hits. Inosuke would love to capture a Rhyhorn to serve as his finisher, and the Rhyhorn would instinctively know that his owner understands him, which would empower him.

5 would fight: Machoke is a fierce fighter1629363064 173 Demon Hunter 5 Kanto Pokemon Inosuke Would Catch 5.webp

Machoke is a humanoid Pokémon with immense strength and muscles hardened for combat. It’s the middle stage between the little Machop and the four-armed Machamp, and Inosuke would have a great time training against either of them. Machoke would be a great match for him.

Machoke has all kinds of advanced moves, and Inosuke must dodge all of his attacks, or he will be pulverized. Such high-level combat would make him feel alive, and motivate him to improve his dodge and avoid breaking all his bones.

4 I would like: Marowak is primitive and aggressive, like Inosuke1629363064 137 Demon Hunter 5 Kanto Pokemon Inosuke Would Catch 5.webp

Unlike his bashful basic phase Cubone, the hard-hitting Marowak is a confident and tenacious fighter, and can deal a lot of damage for a creature his size. Marowak can use a bone as a boomerang weapon and club, and Inosuke would be delighted to see such a Pokémon in action on his team.

Marowak has the appearance of a cartoonish caveman, a boned humanoid who fearlessly faces enemies much larger than himself in mortal combat. Marowak has a bad attitude, but Inosuke can instinctively connect with him and gain his trust.

3 I would fight: Metapod is a worthwhile target, despite being boring1629363064 305 Demon Hunter 5 Kanto Pokemon Inosuke Would Catch 5.webp

Metapod is one of two First Generation pod-type Pokémon, the other being Kakuna. Neither of them would attract Inosuke as a member of their Pokémon team, although Inosuke would appreciate the role that Metapod and Kakuna play in the natural evolution of Pokémon.

Inosuke wouldn’t consider a Metapod for his team. Instead, I’d use these Pokémon for target practice, to see if it has the strength to pierce through the tough outer shells. A few thousand reps against a Metapod is a good way to gain strength.

2 I would like: Fearow is a powerful predator of the sky1629363065 224 Demon Hunter 5 Kanto Pokemon Inosuke Would Catch 5.webp

It’s a good idea to have at least one flying-type Pokémon on any team so that the trainer has a fighter that can attack an opposing flying-type or get a big mobility advantage against a Pokémon that can’t fly or use ranged attacks. Inosuke will capture a Fearow for his own team.

Fearow is a fearless and ruthless predator, famous for its swooping attacks and drill-shaped beak (reflected in its original Japanese name). This normal-type bird would communicate with Inoske on instinct, and would gladly pounce and impale the opposition to impress its owner. It is a supreme predator.

1 would fight: Hitmonlee is a kicking demon1629363065 165 Demon Hunter 5 Kanto Pokemon Inosuke Would Catch 5.webp

The humanoid Hitmonlee is an expert at kicking, which has earned him the nickname “the kicking demon.” It’s the counterpart to Hitmonchan, a punching Pokémon, and Inosuke would have fun sparring with either of them. But Hitmonlee would be a more unique challenge.

Inosuke already has experience fighting opponents who use his arms and hand weapons to fight, so he needs an opponent who can challenge him in different ways to expand his abilities a bit. Dodging a flurry of kicks should fit.