Demon hunter: 5 ships that would make a lot of sense (and 5 that would be horrible)

Demon Slayer has become one of the most popular anime of the moment, and when the fandom reaches the levels of My Hero Academia there is going to be a lot – emphasis on much – Shipping.

Some of these ships are really good, because they make sense within the series and feature two characters who have a genuine connection (rather than, for example, a forged bond); However, some ships, in particular, are so bad that they make fans want to take a long cold shower to cleanse themselves of the atrocity witnessed.

This article will discuss both types of ships ofDemon Slayer: The good and bad. Important plot details from both the anime and the manga will be mentioned, so there will be spoilers.

Updated October 6, 2021 by Jasmine Venegas: Some pairings have gained a lot of popularity within the fandomde Demon Slayerregardless of the chemistry within the canon content. By the end of the manga, some ships have been established as canon, even showing fans the different relationships the characters would have in a different life. However, the ending of the manga does not prevent the fandom from continuing to come up with new ships, both good and strange.

10 makes sense: Obanai x Mitsuri open up about their crush on each other

The Pillars have always been a popular fuel for fan works, due to their individual personalities and their unique bond as servants of a cause. One of the most popular boats involving two Pillars is the Mitsuri Kanroji (the “Pillar of Love”) and Obanai Iguro (the “Pillar of the Serpent”).

According to the canon of the series, Obanai loves Mitsuri very much, but finds it difficult to express his feelings for her due to his desire to protect her from her troubled past, while she obviously has a special connection to him, but is quite oblivious to him. how much he cares. Fans of this relationship don’t consider it as one-sided as it first seems, and they are right in the sense that there are many moments throughout the series where I know it paints as more than just a casual friendship. Although this romance ends in tragedy in the manga, fans get to see them happily together in their next life.

9 Horrible: Uzui x Zenitsu have little in common1633617363 594 Demon hunter 5 ships that would make a lot of.webp

Although this ship is not really the worst of the worst, it has become so popular with members of the fandom of Demon Slayer It deserves an honorable mention. Although Zenitsu and Uzui technically interact throughout the series, their only common trait is the similarity of their hearing abilities, which is not enough for a library of fanfiction.

Also, the significant age difference between the two, coupled with the fact that Uzui has three wives, makes this strange ship even more uncomfortable to think about. There is no reason for this to exist.

8 makes sense: Nezuko x Sanemi reconcile towards the end of the series1633617363 155 Demon hunter 5 ships that would make a lot of.webp

This ship is surprisingly popular, considering that they have only interacted a few times. Their first encounter is ruthless and brutal, as Sanemi assumes that Nezuko is as bloodthirsty as any other demon. He tries to goad her into attacking him, but she persists in turning her head away.

Eventually, it is revealed that Sanemi is irritating and even downright sadistic towards demons due to her tragic past. He apologizes for his actions, but she seems unfazed by it. He even blushes a bit after their encounter, which makes Zenitsu go into a rage.

7 Horrible: Akaza x Rengoku don’t share the same values1633617363 998 Demon hunter 5 ships that would make a lot of.webp

Akaza and Rengoku will never see each other as they have very different priorities. Akaza values ​​strength above all else, though she has forgotten that this desire stems from her regret that she was unable to protect anyone she cared about. Rengoku never lost sight of what is truly important, and he spent his last moments stubbornly protecting his fellow Upper Moon demon hunters.

Akaza is only interested in fighting the strongest, and he continually offers Rengoku to turn him into a demon as well, so that he can heal from his injuries and spend countless years training to become stronger. Rengoku, of course, refuses, since he does not want anything from the devil. Maybe they could have gotten along if Akaza was human, but as a demon, they don’t have any chemistry.

6 makes sense: Inosuke x Tanjirou are close allies1633617363 372 Demon hunter 5 ships that would make a lot of.webp

This is one of the most popular slash ships in Demon Slayer in terms of followers (behind Sabito x Giyuu and Zenitsu x Tanjiro), and it’s easy to see why. Although the interactions between Tanjirou and Inosuke are initially conflicting, Tanjirou’s kindness has a positive effect on his teammate. And despite their differences , The two make a good team; in the end, they even have remarkable camaraderie as friends and allies.

Even if it never becomes canon, at least this ship will live in the history of the Demon Slayer as one of the few ships that most of the fandom could agree to like.

5 Horrible: Muzan x Tanjirou are enemies, as Muzan destroyed Tanjirou’s family1633617364 179 Demon hunter 5 ships that would make a lot of.webp

The shocking revelation of Muzan’s female form was a great moment for the series and greatly increased fan interest in the character; unsurprisingly, it was then that it began to be shipped with everyone, regardless of whether or not they were alike. This includes Zenitsu, Tamayo and, perhaps most flagrantly, Tanjirou.

It’s the old trick of boarding two characters simply because they’re fan favorites (you know, ignore the age difference of over a millennium and the fact that one of them – without naming names – killed the entire family of the other), but even that doesn’t explain why the ship became so popular.

4 makes sense: Sabito x Giyuu were close during their final selection1633617364 597 Demon hunter 5 ships that would make a lot of.webp

Although Sabito died before the events of the series Demon Slayer, appears at first as Tanjirou’s spiritual mentor, and his past is later told through flashbacks. Sabito and Giyuu were great friends, and Sabito’s untimely death during his Final Selection put Giyuu in a haunted emotional state. Giyuu believed that if he couldn’t even save those who mattered most to him, he had no right to be a Demon Hunter, and he considered giving up his position as Pillar of Water.

It’s a sad story, especially considering that Giyuu has trouble accepting her feelings of guilt over the situation, but that makes the emotional connection between the two – and therefore the ship itself – that much more poignant. .

3 Horrible: Douma x Shinobu, How Douma killed Shinobu’s sister1633617364 95 Demon hunter 5 ships that would make a lot of.webp

Of all the ships that match a good character to a bad one (some of which actually work, by the way), this has to be the worst. Douma was responsible for the death of Shinobu’s older sister, Kanae, as well as Shinobu’s own death later on. Although this part of the plot was ignored, they do not have compatible personalities. Shinobu is shown to reject Douma’s advances even in the afterlife (after being defeated by Inosuke and Kanao).

At a minimum, most of Fans don’t seem happy with this pairing either, as many don’t even consider it a proper ship (describing it with the term “crack ship”).

2 makes sense: Kanao x Tanjirou share some sweet moments together1633617364 224 Demon hunter 5 ships that would make a lot of.webp

One of the few “canon” ships of Demon Slayer focuses on Kanao and Tanjirou. The manga develops it a little better than the anime, but the basic idea is based on a specific scene from the series in which Tanjirou questions Kanao about his strange habit of choosing between two options with the toss of a coin, finally convincing her to Follow your heart instead of making random decisions.

Although the two had interacted at previous points in the series, this was the first time their connection was shown to be authentic and personal rather than just a friendly rivalry, and there is plenty of evidence pointing to this being one of the major ships. from Demon Slayer.

1 Horrible: Nezuko x Tanjirou are siblings1633617364 440 Demon hunter 5 ships that would make a lot of.webp

This is apparently a reality, but why would someone who really cares about the series support this? It’s no secret that Tanjirou and Nezuko have an incredible bond – they would sacrifice their lives for each other – but it’s strictly family, and trying to turn it into something more than that is pretty tricky. Fortunately, the fandom goes to great lengths to repudiate this link, but that doesn’t explain why it had to exist in the first place.

And, yeah, sometimes it seems like fans are embarking on any character with any other character no matter … well, anything, but luckily some good ships do come out of the mix – even if that also means ships like this a sometimes they surface.