Demon Hunter: Hashira’s 10 Worst Things

Demon Hierarchy slayer serves as a set of supporting characters who help (and sometimes hinder) Tanjiro and Nezuko. The Hashira are the nine strongest swordsmen in the Demon Slayer Corps, and with vastly different personalities and designs, there is never a dull moment when one of them appears on screen.

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Everyone has great attributes, but it’s hard to find the good through antagonistic actions and attitudes. Not everything about the Hashira is good, and sometimes their actions leave viewers irritated with them, even though most of the time they mean well.

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10 Sanemi Injured Nezuko And Tried To Get Her To Bite Him

In his first appearance, the Wind Hashira Sanemi Shinazugawa discovered Nezuko Kamado and tried to agitate her by repeatedly stabbing her. When that didn’t work, she cut off her arm in an attempt to get it to bite him and show that she was no different than any other demon, ignoring Tanjiro’s pleas for her to stop.

He behaved sadistically towards Nezuko, revealing his unwavering hatred of demons. Despite Nezuko’s demonic state, she was innocent. Sanemi was unwilling to acknowledge that possibility.

9 Giyuu is tough on people1647077548 338 Demon Hunter Hashiras 10 Worst Things.webp

Since his introduction, Tomioka Giyuu was portrayed as a tough realist who didn’t openly show his kindness. He berated Tanjiro for trying to keep Nezuko alive after she turned into a demon while he tried to kill her, making a bad situation worse.

Shinobu later points out that no one likes him, probably because of his tough and aloof personality. However, he ends up vouching for Nezuko’s ability to maintain her humanity later on.

8 Many Of Them Wanted To Kill Nezuko1647077548 884 Demon Hunter Hashiras 10 Worst Things.webp

When Tanjiro and Nezuko were brought before the Hashira, many of them wanted to kill her for being a demon. They are unwilling to believe that a demon can resist her urges and not eat humans.

When Tanjiro tried to plead for Nezuko, Obanai violently restrained him, forcing Giyuu to intervene and stop him. Although they eventually accepted their leader’s decision to keep Nezuko alive, many of them remained skeptical.

7 Shinobu Is Sometimes Sadistic1647077548 927 Demon Hunter Hashiras 10 Worst Things.webp

Kocho Shinobu seems happy and calm on the outside, even in the midst of fights. She greets the demons and states that she wants to get along, but she reveals a sadistic and almost cruel side of herself when she hunts them down.

She also picks on Giyuu mercilessly, stating that no one likes her, and has no qualms about speaking harshly to anyone, even when she appears calm and relaxed. However, her scathing comments are not always unwarranted, especially in Doma’s case.

6 They Have No Sympathy For Demons1647077549 193 Demon Hunter Hashiras 10 Worst Things.webp

A recurring theme throughout Tanjiro’s story is his piety towards most demons. Due to Nezuko’s situation, he looks past the demons he fights to see the person they used to be, and treats them with compassion in his last moments.

Hashira don’t usually think about such things, which is exemplified in their dealings with Nezuko. They are willing to kill or in some cases capture demons regardless of what they used to be, although some of them are made kinder thanks to Tanjiro.

5 Tengen is incredibly arrogant1647077549 64 Demon Hunter Hashiras 10 Worst Things.webp

With his flashy clothes and personality, Tengen Uzui has a lot of swagger to match. Working with Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke, he declares himself a god and calls them trash. He also tries to drag Aoi Kanzaki to the Entertainment District against her will, without thinking of her well-being, despite knowing that she was not an expert swordswoman.

His arrogance turns against him when Gyutaro poisons him. He declares himself unharmed, but is unable to decapitate Gyutaro and ends up seriously injured.

4 Obanai Is Not Usually Nice To Anyone1647077549 326 Demon Hunter Hashiras 10 Worst Things.webp

Obanai Iguro is one of the toughest members of Hashira. He demanded that Giyuu be punished for allowing Nezuko to escape unharmed, and later restrained Tanjiro when he tried to help his sister. He hates demons and has little regard for his fellow Hashira, except for Mitsuri Kanroji later on.

He is extremely harsh towards almost everyone, and insulted Tengen for sustaining such serious injuries against the weakest top ranked demon, trying to pressure him into not retreating from the Demon Slayers without regard to his health.

3 Muichiro Wasn’t Compassionate At First1647077550 500 Demon Hunter Hashiras 10 Worst Things.webp

Muichiro’s personality was hard to discern at first, but when he appeared in the Swordsman’s Village arc, it became apparent that he has some issues like many of the other Hashira. He arrogantly valued his position as Hashira, coldly despising people he considered a waste of time.

He was so dedicated to killing demons that he was about to ignore a civilian in need of help, but decided to come to his aid at the last moment. However, with Tanjiro’s help, he begins to be more compassionate as he regains her memories of him.

2 They Don’t Always Get Along With Each Other1647077550 319 Demon Hunter Hashiras 10 Worst Things.webp

Although all the Hashira share the common goal of eradicating the demons, they have their own problems with each other. Giyuu and Shinobu had a physical altercation over the fate of Tanjiro and Nezuko, exchanging blows and words.

During Hashira’s training arc, Sanemi and Giyuu end up sparring against each other, and when their practice swords break, Sanemi suggests that they continue the fight with their fists. However, despite the disagreements and arguments they have with each other, they all work together to defeat Muzan in the end.

1 Being A Hashira Didn’t Stop Many Of Them From Dying1647077550 974 Demon Hunter Hashiras 10 Worst Things.webp

The Hashira are known for their ability to take down hundreds of demons, but this great ability does not mean that they are invincible. Rengoku is killed by Akaza in the Mugen Train arc, and in the final battle with Muzan and the three higher ranked demons, many of them end up dying.

Of the nine original Hashira introduced at the beginning of demon slayer, only Sanemi, Tengen and Giyuu make it to the end alive. Not even immense skill could save many of them, breaking the hearts of the fans who had come to love them.