Demon Hunter: Inosuke’s disgusting new ability proves he’s the MVP of this arc

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Season 2, Episode 12, “Things are going to get very flashy!”, Now streaming on Funimation, Hulu and Crunchyroll.

If it was still unclear, now it is evident that Inosuke Hashibira is the best player of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. The wild boar-headed demon hunter briefly brought the world together causing audiences around the world to cringe and say “gross”, as he successfully located the last of Tengen Uzui’s missing wives. Inosuke has been at the top of his game during the second half of Season 2, succeeding where Tanjiro and Zenitsu failed and managing to turn the stomachs of viewers along the way.

It’s not like the internet to agree on something, but the consensus seems to be that Inosuke’s ability to dislocate every joint in his body is really gross. Following Tanjiro’s assumption that there must be tunnels between the houses that the demon they are hunting through, Inosuke smashes the Ogimoto house until he locates a small hole in the ground. Unfortunately, it is too small for the beast-breathing swordsman to pass through.

However, “Lord Inosuke”, as he often calls himself in Demon SlayerHe has never allowed logic or physics to get in his way. Realizing that only his head fits in the hole, Inosuke decides to dislocate all the joints in his body, because of course he can. Turning his body into a limp noodle with a series of eerie popping sounds, Inosuke dives into the hole and ducks underground, cackling like a maniac the entire time. Upon reaching a large cavern, Inosuke proves that Tengen’s mission would never have been successful without him.

At the beginning of the episode, Tengen is hunting in the city when something catches his eye on the ground. With your ear to the ground, you can hear the sound of someone struggling below the surface. The story then jumps back in time to “something earlier”, when Inosuke discovers the hole under the floorboards and locates Daki’s “food closet”, where he quickly frees Makio, Suma, and Zenitsu. The group begins to fight the kimono belt demon that appears to be an extension of Daki’s will, and the sound of their fight draws Tengen’s attention from the surface.

Inosuke’s ability to dislocate his joints – which, again, ew – means he’s the only one who could have made it to Daki’s food closet. Tengen likely wouldn’t have located the underground chamber himself without the sounds of Inosuke and the others leading the way. If Inosuke hadn’t found them, the wives of Tengen, Zenitsu, and all of Daki’s other victims might have been lost forever.

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It’s surprising that Inosuke had such an outstanding performance in the Entertainment District, considering he should be the least likely to operate undercover in a bustling city. However, of the six people Tengen sent incognito, Inosuke is the only one whose cover was not immediately discovered. The first to meet Daki and learn that he could travel between walls, Inosuke set about hunting demons while Tanjiro did chores without fooling anyone and Zenitsu played the shamisen.

Inosuke has had a number of great moments of character in the “Entertainment District” arc of Demon Slayer. This trend could make you the hero of this particular conflict, or it could be your last chance to shine before tragedy strikes. Now that Tengen’s wives are safe, the group will likely gather at the place where Tanjiro is fighting Daki alone. Considering that Inosuke is on a hot streak of successes, he will be eager to join the battle. It appears the Upper-Six has yet to reveal her true power, which could spell disaster for anyone who dares to challenge her, as Inosuke often does.